Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman was born as Timothy Charles Chapman on 13th May 1965 in Ventura, California. He is a retired American bounty hunter. He is also famous for his appearance in a TV show named “Dog the Bounty Hunter” in which he was one of the stars of the show along with Duane “Dog” Chapman. He also appeared in “Empire of Ash III”. He is also known as “Youngblood” which is his nickname.

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Personal Life

Tim was born to Ronald Chapman and Diane Wimberley in Ventura, California. His father, Ronald Chapman was associated with the bail bondsman profession. His mother too was a Colorado bondswoman. He has a brother named Russel Chapman. As his biography contains different facts of his life, his childhood was not that great. When he was about 3 years old, his parents separated. After the separation of his parents, he spent 2 years of his life with his paternal grandparents. He also lived with his mother and his maternal grandparents when he was a teenager. There is no authentic record of his education and school or college life. \

During his stay with his maternal grandparents, he learned the profession of a bondsman. He worked for ABC bail bonds, the company owned by his maternal grandparents. As Tim has claimed, he made his first arrest when he was a teenager. He met Duane “Dog” Chapman during his work and they became close friends. Duane used to refer to Tim his “Blood Brother”. Tim and Duane shared the same surname, however, they were not related by blood. Tim was not only close to Duane but his family too. Later he moved to Hawaii with Duane and his family.

As far as his marital life is concerned, he was married to Davina Chapman. They have four children together. They got divorced in 2009. There has been no news about his any other relationship after his divorce.


Tim used to work at his maternal grandparents’ company and later when he met Duane, he with Duane to Hawaii. In Hawaii, he started a bail bonds company named Da Kine Bail Bonds Company with Duane and his girlfriend Beth Smith. They ran that company successfully. As they succeeded more and more, they got a chance to make their way into the entertainment industry. Tim and Duane worked together in a TV show named “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. The TV show ran for 8 years. Tim starred in the show for 5 seasons.

Despite all this success, Tim hit some serious bumps along the road. Once he and his partner got arrested at the request of Mexican authorities and were sent to Mexico. Later, as the charges were dropped because of the expiration of SOL, they got a chance to return to the United States. Tim's arrest took place again in 2008 under the charges of second-degree murder. Later these charges were reduced to terroristic threatening. He was acquitted of these charges in 2009.

Early success in his career and the TV show got Tim a good fortune and his net worth is 3 million dollars. However, there has been no mentioning of any awards he might have won during his successful years in the service. Tim has written several books including Kiddieland and other misfortunes, A trace of Gold: Murder Chicago Style, Bright and Yellow, Hard and Cold etc.

25 Oct, 2018