Beth was born on 29 October 1969 and she acquired the traits of Scorpio which is her sun sign. Beth was born in Denver in Colorado in the United States of America. The name of her father is Garry Smith. It is known that Beth’s father was a baseball player and he played for Kanas City Athletics. There is not much information available about Beth’s parents and there is no information about her schooling and education either.

It is known that Beth participated in several reality shows and the shows that she participated in were the Bounty Hunter and Dog. Beth also gained a lot of fame after working in shows like Dog and Beth. She is known to be 5 feet and 7 inches tall and as per the reports, her figure measurements are 42 – 26 – 32. Some reports suggested that she had been through breast implantation surgery to increase the size of her breast but in an interview, she revealed that she had never been through any cosmetic surgeries. She also revealed that her custom orders her bra. Earlier, Beth was a little over weight but at present, she reduced a lot of weight but she never revealed her weight loss secrets to anyone. It is speculated that she changed her diet and that helped her in losing weight.

As per the information, Beth is married to Duane Chapman and the surprising fact is that Beth is Duane’s fifth wife. The couple got married in 2006 and they got married at Big Island of Hawaii. As per the records, Beth had also been married before getting married to Duane and the name of her last husband was Keith Barmore. She got married to Keith in 1991 and later she was divorced. Beth never shared the exact reason of her divorce.

It is known that prior to her first marriage, Beth was in a relationship and she gave birth to a boy with her boyfriend. The name of her son is Dominic Smith. From her first marriage, Beth had another daughter. The name of her daughter is Cecily Barmore Chapman. It is known that Beth had also been arrested and she was charged with shoplifting. She was shoplifting for lemons.

There had been another controversy regarding her and it was revealed that Beth had her nude pictures posted in Playboy magazine. The rumor went viral over the internet. The news later turned out to be a rumor and after the forensic investigation, the pictured turned out to be a morphed photo. It is known that her daughter works as a bounty hunter.

The salary of this 49 year old actress is not known but as per an estimate, her net worth is estimated to be 597 American Dollars. She is quite famous on LinkedIn and she can easily be found on top contacts. She worked hard since an early age to reach this stage in her life.