Thomas Joyner

Thomas Joyner is a renowned host who is very popular worldwide for his show The Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Thomas Joyner was born in the year 1949 on November 23rd. He was born in Alabama. He was not the only son of Hercules L. Joyner and Frances and also had a younger sibling. He belonged from a very educated and modern family. His whole family was linked to the media and his grandfather was an Oscar winner. He and his brother were sent to a good school. They were very good students and also carried on the other cultural activities along with academics. When they graduated from their high school, they went to the Tuskegee University.

He achieved a bachelor's degree and did major in Sociology. He never thought of becoming a host from his university days and always wanted to take up his passion of music as his profession. He also created a music band along with his friends and named it as The Commodores. The band did not gain any success and popularity in the long run. Moreover, there was also a lot of pressure on him from the side of his family to do something good in his career. It was then when he decided to pursue the career as a radio host.

He began his career as a radio host after graduating. He took part time jobs at various radio stations to increase his experience as a host. He moved to Chicago to try better job opportunities. His first full time job as a host was with WVON. He used to host the morning show. After that, he changed his job and joined the WBMX-FM. Next, he was appointed by the WJPC radio station. By this time, his name had become very popular among people and he had also gained many followers on his show.

During the year 1985, he was offered one morning and one afternoon show named as KKDA-FM and WGCI-FM respectively. When he accepted both the job proposals offered to him, he came to be known as “The Hardest Working Man in Radio”. In the year 1994, he received a job offer from the ABC Radio Networks.

He hosted his own radio show named as The Tom Joyner Morning Show. This show was specially launched by the ABC board of directors for his wide number of followers. This show mainly included Joyner along with the reporting commentators and a comedian team. Besides this, many special guests and personalities were also invited to the show to accompany Joyner. The show was rated top in the list due to its huge popularity among the people.

In the year 2005, the book written by Mary Flower Boyce “I’m Just a DJ...It Makes Sense to Me” was published. He is also a very good family person and is leading a happy married life with his two sons. He got divorced with his two wives and is leading the life of being a single father.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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