Thijs Lauer

Thijs Lauer is not that familiar in the journalism or entertainment world. He is a son of American television journalist and he is a host for a syndicated show called The Today Show. He is a youngest child of his parents and he was born with two other siblings. A sister called Jack with a brother called Romy. The name Thijs can be unfamiliar and sometime it is hard to pronounce for many people. It is a beautiful name and it comes from a Dutch world Tice and it translates into the Gift of God.

Thijs Lauer is young and talented and he is loved by his parents. He is the youngest child. He is a son of Annette Roque and Matt Lauer. The father is well known because of her syndicated program called The Today Show. The mother was a Dutch model and the parents got married in the year 1998 and they are living together up to now.

Matt, was married to Nancy Alspaugh, who is a TV producer and because of their own issues, they were divorced in the year 1988. After the divorce, Matt met with Nancy and they started to date. The two decided to get married in the year 1998 and they got three children together.

His father has now spent over 20 years living together as a wife and a husband. However, they have to pass through different problems and in 2006, they were about to divorce but they worked their difference out. Annette said that his husband was putting his interest before these of the family and he felt that she was isolated, alone and abandoned to raise the children alone.

After the reconciliation, their marriage became even stronger. The family is happy and they live in the house of 36.5million dollars called Strongheart Manor. The house had been built in the year 1902. It is found in Peconic Bay and it has 12 bedrooms. The house is 14,000 square foot, it is completely renovated and it has a family room, dining room, formal living room, adjoining breakfast and kitchen.

According to Matt Lauer’s biography, he was born as Matthew Todd Lauer, in the year 1957. He had been in different movies and tv shows such as Dateline NBC and The Today Show. He has also hosted HBO entertainment news. He was born in the city of New York and her mother was Marilyn Kolmer who is an owner of boutique while the father Jay Robert Lauer was a bicycle company executive. The parents got divorced when he was still young and the father died in the year 1997. Matt replaced Bryant Gumbel at the Today Show. His father is of Romanian-Jewish ancestry. He has a net worth of 60 million dollars. His Instagram is @mattlauernbc and he is available on snapchat.