The Brat was created at the end of the 70s. The founders of this band are three members: lead singer Teresa Covarrubias, lead guitarist Rudy Medina, and bass player Sidney Medina. It was a very successful band, which contributed different musical and cultural styles and models throughout early 80s until their break-up in 1985.

The brat started their songs, mostly at backyard parties as well as high school gymnasiums. At first they don’t have any own songs and just made a cover version of the most popular songs of that time. Later The Brat began to regularly showcase their music in general through the Vex and multiple backyard shows in the community instating their performances among local groups such as Los Illegals or Cruzados.

Afterwards, they got a record contract with Fatima Records. Yolanda Comparran chose The Brat to launch their new label. The contract also led to The Brat's first and only release for the whole five year career.

Speaking about band members, they were different and very familiar to each other. Teresa Covarrubias was raised in the Boyle Heights section of East Los Angeles. She studied at the Boyle heights Elementary School and Resurrection school, Sacred Heart of Jesus High School. Afterwards, she continued her education at the California State University, Los Angeles and left after 2 years. She decided to dedicate herself to music.

Other band mates like Rudy Medina and Sidney lived close to Teresa in the same part of Los Angeles. Medinas parents immigrated to the USA through the bracero program. In fact, Rudy and Sidney were both classically trained musicians specializing in classical guitar, but behind their lesson played punk music. After the High school Rudy attended the California State University in Los Angeles, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in music. Sidney Medina chose the same College, but didn’t finish it.

The lead singer Teresa and Rudy met each other during the record release show for the English punk band The Jam, it happened in the 1978. The next year they formed their own project “The brat”. There is no any reason in social media, why they chose such an interesting name for a music band. They never became a part of some movies and tv shows.

After band’s break-up, Teresa Covarrubias went on to form other bands, including the Chicana feminist group “Las Tres”. Currently, she is still a very important East L.A. vocalist and punk-rock performer. The whole mainstream audiences failed to appreciate the amazing band The Brat, largely thanks to the segregated music scene of Los Angeles.

Teresa and her ex band mates are now recognized as an integral part of the early punk of the east part of Los Angeles. They became an influence for the Chicano rock and Chicano punk genres. In fact, their lone EP, is a lasting testament to the high quality Chicano punk music of Eastside. There is no information about the salary and net worth of the band. The band members are very active in different popular media resources like Facebook or Instagram.