Tamron Hall is a news anchor of NBC News. She is famous for her show, MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall. She is also the host of Today’s Take, Deadline: Crime and others.

Personal Life

Hall was born in 1970 in Texas. Her childhood details including her parents’ names are not known to the media. In 2011, there were news about Hall dating Lawrence O’Donnell, her co-host. It was a controversial news as they had 20 years of age gap. She was 45 when she dated Lawrence, who was 64.

Lawrence was married to Kathryn Harrold and he has a daughter with her. In 2011, Hall posted a lot of tweets about her getting married. She did not mention the groom’s name. She tweeted about choosing her wedding dress color. But, in 2012, there were rumors about Hall having a close relationship with Prince, an American singer. In an interview, Hall mentioned that Prince was just her friend and there was no romantic affair between them. She also mourned for his death in 2016.

In an interview, she said that her biggest regret of her 20s is not having a baby. Hall had very close connection with her sibling. When she died in 2014 due to physical abuse, she was devastated. She said that she tried to help her sister by pushing that person out of her life but, her sister was not ready to leave him.

As of now, it is not known whether or not she is in a relationship. There are no details to understand why the marriage did not take place. There were no pictures of engagement either. Neither Hall nor Lawrence commented on this. She was never known to have dated anyone in the past. Her current boyfriend is not known to the media. She was never a part of any extra marital rumors. She was never married before. She never talked about her parents and thus, there is very little that we know about her childhood and her relationship with her parents. Her net worth is 5 million dollars and there are no details about her salary.


Hall graduated from Temple University with a bachelor degree in Broadcast Journalism. After graduation, she worked in KTVT in Dallas for four years as general assignment reporter. She took a job in WFLD TV in Chicago in 1997. In 2007, she left the job as general assignment reporter and host of a segment and joined MSNBC in 2007. She started her role as a general reporter and then, joined David Shuster as co-host for The Big Picture. As time passed, she took up more shows, in MSNBC. She was nominated for Emmy for her segment, The Bottom Line in 1999.

She received Emmy in 2010 for her news segment in NBC News on Inauguration of Barack Obama. She received Lew Klein Alumni Media Award from her university in the same year. She was again nominated for Emmy in 2011. She won Edward R Murrow Award for her segment on domestic abuse. She starred in an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls where she hiked with Bear for two days in Pink Cliffs.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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