Tammy Helfer is one of the well-known personalities in America. She has established her name in the world of models and is quite successful in her career.

Personal life

Tammy Helfer was born in America and was the elder daughter. She has a sister named as Tricia Helfer who is presently a very renowned model in her career. Both the sisters grew up together with great care and love. Both the sisters used to share a nice bond which helped them to grow as best friends. The two sisters were very beautiful from childhood only which paved a way for them to get into the world of advertisement and a child model.

As a child, Tammy was very good in studies and was often called as beauty with brains by her friends and family members. She has also participated in many fashion shows, which were organised by the school during her educational years. Her immense beauty and academic qualifications has fetched her much fame and popularity from the initial stages of her life. Tammy started her modelling career quite early.

After achieving the goals in her career, she got married to her husband whom she dated for two years. They have two children together and are enjoying their married life. Tammy has always been capable of maintaining the balance in both her personal as well as professional life which is the reason of her success in both.


Tammy Helfer got into the modelling career quite earlier and was able to achieve the desired fame and success in her career. She was always known among her friends and colleagues for her beauty and attitude. The kind of attitude she carried from the beginning of her career was quite professional which let many modelling agencies approach her. She used to follow a perfect diet chart to maintain her figure, which serves as one of the important factors in the modelling career.

She took great care of her health and also did regular exercises to maintain the fitness of her body. Within a few years, she was able to establish her name in the modelling industry and appeared in a number of photo-shoots for different advertising agencies. For a quite long time, she ruled the industry and posed as a strong competitor among all the other models. She has also earned a lot of money in her career, which has been the reason of her high net worth.

Now, she is not involved on her career as she was earlier probably because of her determined focus on her family life. Though she remains quite absent in her career nowadays, she keeps posting on her Instagram account to remain connected with her wide number of fan followers. It has been heard that Tammy is planning to do a comeback in her professional life soon, which serves as a good news for her followers, at the end of her biography.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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