Tamara Taylor is an actress from Canada who is very famous for her famous role in crime scenes in the forensic drama.

Personal life

Tamara Taylor was born in the year 1970 on September 27th in Toronto. She was born to her Scottish mother and African father, as the only child. She was a very beautiful girl from the initial years of her life and always wanted to try her chance in modelling. She was brought up with great care by her parents. Her family were not very rich but were able to provide her with all kinds of luxuries in life. They admitted her in the best school of Toronto to provide her educational opportunities in her career.

But Tamara was not interested in the studies and wanted to get into the modelling career. Her performance in studies started getting worse with each academic year and at last, she was dropped out of the school for giving bad performance in the eighth grade. She did not focus on academics after this failure and concentrated on her career. After being successful in her career, she got married to her husband Miles Cooley. They liked each other a lot but soon after the marriage, some difficulties started arising between the couple due to which they decided to split and finally got divorced in the year 2012. The couple do not have any children in their five years’ of marriage. She is now single and is only focusing on her career and work, which are her priorities.


Tamara Taylor started working in a medical drama as a beginner and also in the sex, love and secrets episodes. Though both the series did not become very popular, Tamara, in the roles of Della and Nina achieved a lot of fame. After this, she started doing short appearances in NCIS, Numbers, CSI, Lost, Without a Trace and Dawson's Creek. She also made her first film debut in the Senseless where she did the role of Marlon Wayan.

She did a biography film later, where she played the role of Debrah Simmons in the film Diary of a Mad Black Woman. This is not the only film where she played popular roles in the Introducing Dororhy, Serenity and many others. After achieving much fame from these films, she started appearing in some television series, one of them is Firefly which was hosted by Joss Whedon. In the Lost television series, she appeared as the previous girlfriend of Michael.

Recently, she has posted some images from some of her television series on her Instagram account for her followers. In some of her debut films, she has recorded some songs from which we can conclude about her interest in singing. Her recent film debut in the Reluctant Nanny where she played the role of Andrea Moore became very famous among the public and her followers. Her net worth is quite decent which she has earned in her career through her appearances in various television series and film debuts.

Last Modified: Aug 16, 2021

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