Talinda Bennington

Talinda Bennington was born in the city of Phoenix in Arizona. She started to work when she was still too young because her family was not doing well financially. She finished high school in the hometown and started to attend Gymnasium. Afterwards, she finished veterinary medicine as a major. After the graduation, she continued the career with modeling field and she featured at the playboy magazine during spring.

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Because of her friends, she did meet Chester Bennington. The two started to date and then after dating for some time, they decided to take the relationship to a new level and got married. They got three children, a son named Tyler Lee with twin daughter called Lila and Lily. Her husband had already 3 children before; he got them from two women, Marie Olit and Ekla Bond. As it was with her husband, Talinda Bennington likes to have tattoos and has the tattoos of the birthdays of her children. She is also an animal lover and she takes care of 3 horses with 4 dogs and saltwater fishes.

Talinda Bennington is a fan of the Dead by Sunrise and it is an American rock band which her husband formed. He dedicated to her a song called Give Me Your Name and it was dedicated to her during the wedding. It is still her favorite song up to now. She is also the fan of the Silversun, MGMT and Depeche Mode.

Her husband died after committing a suicide and it was after releasing the album named One More Night. Friends, colleagues and family members in a large number attended the funeral to say goodbye.

From her biography, it is not clear how much she had made as a net worth, however, her husband left a net worth of 30 million dollars. He had also bought a house of 2.5 million dollars that has 5 bedrooms, 3 outdoor decks, 4 bathrooms, a spa with a swimming pool. It is found in Los Angeles and he bought it in just 2 months of the suicide.

Chester died at the age of 41 years and it was in their residence in the estate of Palo Verdes. The body was found in the morning of 20, July in the year 2017. He hung himself. The song that was released by the band in February the same year, was hitting on how troubled he was.

Chester Bennington was born in the year 1976 and died in 2017. He was an actor, a musician, a songwriter and an American singer. He was the lead vocalist of the Dead by Sunrise, Stone Temple Pilots and Grey Daze. Bennington is known to be one of the best the rock musicians of his time. Hit Parader magazine ranked him on 46th position in the 100 Metal Vocalist of All time. He gained popularity when the Linkin Park released their first album.

25 Oct, 2018