Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington was born on 20th March 1976 in Arizona. He is multi-talented man. He is a singer, a songwriter, an actor and a musician from America. His mother was working as a nurse and his father used to work as a detective of police. His father used to handle child abuse cases and pulled double shifts to meet the ends. He was interested in music since a very young age and wanted to join the famous band named as “Stone Temple Pilots”. His parents headed for divorce when he was just 11 years old. His father got to keep him. He did not take the separation really well and got into drugs. Eventually he overcame that. He moved his mother’s house at the age of 17 years and was banned from coming out of the house owing to his drug addiction.

He joined the band “Sean Dowdell and His Friends?”. They released a cassette with 3 tracks in the year 1993. Later the band joined another band from Arizona named as “Grey Daze”. They released 3 albums: “Demo” in the year 1993, “Wake Me” in the year 1994 and “no sub today” in the year 1997. He left this group in the year 1998. He got frustrated as he was not able to get another band. He was then called for audition for the members of the future band which was to be named “Xero”. The band is now known as “Linkin Park”. He was selected and recorded the song in one day. However, the band was not able to make a deal with any of the labels.

Jeff blue helped them in getting the deal with Warner Bros. Records. Linkin Park released their debut album named as “Hybrid Theory” on 24th October 2000. Then he formed another band named as “Dead by Sunrise” in the year 2005. The band used to tour with Linkin Park. The Dead by Sunrise performed first time under their official name in the year 2006 during a live concert in Berlin. The band “Stone Temple Pilots” separated from their lead singer in the year 2013. The band asked Chester to join them as their lead singer. He joined the band in the May of 2013. They performed on stage on 18th May 2013. He left the band in the year 2015 on good terms due to his commitments with Linkin Park.

He has a child from his relationship with Elka Brand. He got married to his first wife Samantha Marie Olit in the year 1996. The couple got divorced in the year 2005. They have one child together. After that, he married the famous playboy model Talinda Ann Bentley. They have 3 kids together. Apart from his biological children, he also has an adopted son. More information about him is available in his biography on wiki and IMDB. He is a tattoo enthusiast. He has also done promotions by getting some quotes tattooed on his body. He has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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