Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates is a well-known American journalist and author. Coates is also a comic book writer. Ta-Nehisi has worked with top magazines and newspapers including The New York Times Magazine, Time, and The Washington Post.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates biography

Ta-Nehisi Coates was born a Ta-Nehisi Paul Coated on 30th September 1975 in Baltimore, Maryland situated in the United States. The name of Ta-Nehisi’s father is William Coates who was a Vietnam War veteran. Ta-Nehisi’s father used to work as a librarian and later became a publisher too. William established a publishing company called Black Classic Press in the year 1978. Ta-Nehisi’s mother Cheryl used to be a teacher. Ta-Nehisi grew up with 6 siblings. Ta-Nehisi’s father had 7 children with 4 different women. However, Ta-Nehisi and his siblings were brought up in a close family environment.

Ta-Nehisi was interested in reading and writing as a child. Ta-Nehisi’s father was a publisher which made a huge impact on him and according to Ta-Nehisi himself, he read quite a lot of books published by his father’s company. Ta-Nehisi’s writing habit developed when his mother used to ask him to write essays as a punishment due to his bad behavior. Ta-Nehisi attended more than one schools to complete his early education. Coates graduated from Woodlawn High School and went to join a university for higher studies. Coates joined Howard University for higher studies but left the university without completing his degree to make his way as a journalist.

Coates worked for different newspapers and magazines as a journalist. He took his first job as a reporter at The Washington City Paper. Later, Coates joined Philadelphia Weekly. For 7 years from 2000 to 2007 Ta-Nehisi worked for different publications including Time and The Village Voice. His first article for The Atlantic titled “This is How We Lost to the White Man” could be considered as his big break. Ta-Nehisi got more recognition and became the senior editor at The Atlantic. In the year 2014, Ta-Nehisi got enrolled in a French program at Middlebury College. This program led the author to a writing fellowship in Paris, France.

What is Ta-Nehisi’s nationality?

Ta-Nehisi was born in the United States and hold American Nationality.

How many books has Ta-Nehisi written? Did he also write Black Panther?

Other than being a successful editor and writer for various publications, Ta-Nehisi also wrote some amazing books which were greatly appreciated. Ta-Nehisi wrote his first book in the year 2008 which was titled “The Beautiful Struggle”. Later in 2015, his second book “Between the World and Me’ was published. The latest book of Coates “We Were Eight Years in Power” was published in 2017. Ta-Nehisi also wrote the famous Black Panther comic book series which was published by Marvel Comics.

Who is Ta-Nehisi’s wife? Has he gone through a divorce?

Ta-Nehisi’s wife’s name is Kenyatta Matthews. The couple has a son together. Ta-Nehisi has never gone through a divorce.

What are the salary and net worth of Coates?

Ta-Nehisi’s salary and net worth have not been revealed yet.

05 Mar, 2019