Sydel was born on 20 October 1994, she was born under the zodiac sign of Libra and Sydel was born in North Carolina in the United States of America. The name of Sydel’s father is Dell Curry and it is known that Dell had been a famous basketball player. He retired in 2002. The name of Sydel’s mother is Sonya Curry and as per the information, Sydel has two siblings and both are brothers. The name of her brothers is Stephen Curry and Seth Curry.

It is known that Sydel’s parents had an athletic background. She completed her schooling in North Carolina and her childhood was spent in North Carolina and Toronto. She later enrolled in Queensway Christian College in Ontario. She is known to be 5 feet and 9 inches tall. It is known that while playing for the school team, she helped her team in reaching the quarter finals but they could go ahead o the quarter final.

As per the information, Sydel started her career in high school by playing for the school team and she was widely loved for her game. She was introduced to volleyball at a very young age and this helped her in shaping her career. Sydel later started studying at Elon University and she started playing for the university as well. She led her college’s team to victory in many matches.

As per the records, Sydel also received an injury while playing for her college team, she received the injury on her right knee and it took her really long to recover. But once she recovered, she was back to the game with same passion. Her scores kept on getting better and as per the statistics, she made 851 assists in 28 matches that she played. Sydel also received many awards in college for her performance.

Sydel is really pretty and she possesses a charismatic personality and it is surprising to known that Sydel is single. She had not been in any relationship until now and she revealed that it would be a long time before she gets married to anyone. She said she would like to focus on her career and she would like to reach the peak before committing marriage to anyone. Sydel had been in news for several times because of her game but still, she had not been linked up to any guy. There is a possibility that she is in a relationship with someone but probably she kept it away from the media.

Sydel is still a student hence she doesn’t have any source of income. She is in the final year of her college at the moment and she will soon complete her education. She shares all the updates about her college life on twitter and her twitter handle is Sydelcurry, she has several followers on twitter and she is widely loved by everyone. Sydel’s net worth is non-existent as she doesn’t have any source of income. Sydel’s complete biography is available on Wikipedia and other online sources.