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Dell Curry is a basketball commentator with previous experience as an NBA player. He was interested in sports from his childhood days and was the State champion during his high school days. Before being a commentator, Dell was into coaching, he used to coach NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. Dell Curry is a married man and a father of three. His son, Stephen Curry is also a basketball player. The famous basketball and baseball player Dell is living a happy life with his family in Charlotte, North Carolina. With a settled career and a happy personal life, he is a modest person with interest in charity. He has his own organization to provide education and drugs related counseling to the needy.

Personal Life

Dell personal life is blessed with a loving family, his wife named Sonya Adams and three children as Stephen, Seth and Sydel his only daughter, who he loves a lot. He is a good father. Dell’s both sons, Stephen and Seth plays for Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks respectively. His daughter has interest in Volleyball and is currently playing for Elon University. The player was born in Virginia and spent his childhood days in Grottoes.

The famous player was ambidextrous and he practiced the game with both the hands. Curry practiced basketball at Fort Defiance and won various titles with his passion. Curry was approached as a coach but he left that job to coach his son Stephen. Dell’s interest in baseball got him selected in Baltimore Orioles but he chose to say no to the opportunity because of his interest in basketball. Later, he made a successful record of 16 years of playing with NBA.


Dell Curry has set various records in his career. His passion and interest in sports allowed him to score well, and gave him lot of fame. He is an inspiration to many. He has won state championship in baseball as well and got further chances to play baseball but he chose basketball over that sport. Dell was the part of 1983 and 1984 NIT Tournaments. He managed to secure his place in basketball with 2389 points and more than 290 steals in Virginia Tech.

In 1987, the sportsman played for Cleveland Cavaliers and during 1988-89, he joined Charlotte Hornets and became an important part of that team. After ten seasons with Charlotte Hornets, Dell moved to play with Milwaukee Bucks. His final season was with NBA and it ended well, as a player with an excellent title being the leading scorer in history.

Dell was then assigned a new job of being an assistant coach but his personal priorities did not allow him to perform better there and he chose to coach his son along with being a commentator for Charlotte Bobcats. He was awarded many times for his sportsman spirit and in 1994, he received the title “NBA Sixth Man of the Year”. There was a rumor about him joining Charlotte Hornets in 2017 but it’s not yet certain.

01 Feb, 2018