Susan Koeppen is an award winning journalist and the current news anchor for CBS Pittsburgh.


She grew up in the city of Albany, located in New York. She wanted to become a journalist from her early on in her life. She was always interested in the current events around the world. She loved to learn and felt that she could form a new mindset from developing opinions on the news she heard. Whenever she heard an interesting story, she always had an urge to share it with her family and friends.  

Through her hard work and dedication, she was able to achieve her dreams. She completed her education at Syracuse University and she holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting. She was wise to absorb all the lessons about broadcasting from her mentors and teachers at her college. She was fortunate that her college offered a variety of courses centered on the broadcasting career. They would have classes that were different from the standard lecture type of classes. They had special rooms with camera equipment that allowed students to simulate what it would really feel like to work at a news station.

Path to Becoming a Famous Journalist

After her graduation from college, she was employed by many different networks and she started out working as a reporter and anchor. She started just as an amateur initially but after sometime, she was able to become a professional journalist. The early work and experiences at her first jobs helped her to polish some of the skills that she was developing. The patience that she showed as she was growing in her career really helped her through all her years as an anchor.

She started out her career working with WNYT-TV where she was a reporter. Afterwards, she went to work in Utica where she was working for WKTV-TV since it was offering better prospects for her. She did not stay too long there since she turned to work at WHEC-TV, located in Rochester and afterwards to CBS news. After waiting for some time for a big job offer, she finally got the chance to work at KDKA-TV, a CBS affiliated based in Pittsburg. Before her employment with KDKA, she worked for many smaller networks that she enjoyed but she was still hoping for her big break. At CBS, she was working as a consumer correspondent of the early shows. Her past record of an excellent broadcasts showed that her work was pleasing and made her to an invaluable asset to her producers.


Susan Koeppen has won many Emmy Awards and she has got the Gracie Allen Award three times. She is happy with her work since it satisfies her. Her producers are happy with her team and they pay a good salary for their excellent work. She is becoming famous because of her openness about her family on social media. She is available on many social networks and she has many viewers and fans can follow her there.

Personal Life

She is a mother of three children but she has all her life under control and in balance. Her friends admire her for her ability to create a balance of work and family in her life. She has such a crazy and busy schedule but she is still able to be a present and loving mother. On top of all that, she is also able to maintain a fit body. Susan Koeppen is five feet and a few inches tall of a healthy and fit body. She continues to enjoy her fitness and youthful looks despite the way she is a mother and she works in a chaotic environment. She looks confident and flawless. She likes to put on the attire that shows off her true assets. She is aware that she is doing well and wants to keep things going her way.

Susan Koeppen is married and her husband is her long term boyfriend named Jim O’toole. He supports her profession and understands the commitment that she has made to her job and the hardship she goes through when her producers ask her for extra work and time. This is the reason why they have been able to stay together for a long period and they are very happy together. When she is not working, she likes to spent time playing different types of sports, travelling, and spinning. Skiing is her favorite sport and she always tries to take a break off work so that she can enjoy the ice and snow as she slides down the mountains.

In 2011, she was about to lose her life when she suffered a cardiac arrest that was too severe despite being a young woman. She told Screener TV about the scary incident,  “They asked for the stories the station did on my cardiac arrest.”

Susan collapsed while jogging in November in the Pittsburgh area. The fall happened not long after she ran a 5K race and was exhausted. She was lucky that one of the other joggers was a doctor. Things could have been much worse for her.

Her luck doubled when two medical students passed by to help perform CPR on her until professional help could arrive in the form of EMS technicians, “When it first happened, I never cried, I never had any emotion about it, because I didn’t remember anything. It was just sort of something that happened, and I was moving on and getting better. But whenever I give a speech now and I’m asked to tell my story, I totally break down. I always tell people, ‘Please grab your hankies, because I have mine handy.' Sharon Osbourne is now dealing with the news that her son Jack has multiple sclerosis, and that is something that changes your life. It comes out of the blue, you suddenly get the diagnosis, and you deal with it. It’s sort of the same thing that happened with me. Something happened, I had surgery and I’m better, and now I need to live my life.”

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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