Sumnima Udas is a correspondent based in Delhi for CNN International. She is in charge of covering key stories and issues in environmental, social, economic and politics from India. Her recent reporting was about Indian General Election of 2014 which became a landmark with the diplomatic row that took place between United States and India when an Indian diplomat was arrested.

She had reported also high profile cases about rape and this put to the spotlight the rights of women in India. She went to Malaysia where she was reporting about the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. She was interviewing passengers and crews’ families. She had also reported at Andamans while looking for this missing airplane. She investigated barbaric kidney traffic trade of Nepal for the Freedom project documentary under the name of Nepal’s Organ Trail at CNN.

Sumnima Udas reported about brutal gang rape in New Delhi of 2012 with its aftermath. She was in charge of Untold Stories Documentary for CNN called Nirbhaya, The Fearless One. It was recounting about the courageous struggle of the young victim of gang rape and how she was fighting for her life. She also reported about other types of discrimination that affects women like female foeticide, domestic violence and sexual assault victims that waited for many years to get the justice.

Sumnima Udas had been given the Prize of Journalist of the Year at the inaugural Women’s Empowerment Journalism Award in 2014. It was because of the sensitive reporting about gender issues. She was a part of a team that was given Cine Golden Eagle Award of 2012 because she reported about slavery that takes place in Indian Villages. It was a part of the CNN Freedom Project, which was the global initiative of CNN to fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking. She also got an Asian Television Award since she produced CNN Talk Asia. It is a weekly interview show which explores personalities that are behind the newsmakers.

According to her biography, Sumnima Udas was born in the country of Nepal but he grew up in many countries like United States, Switzerland, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia and Jordan. She speaks many languages like Hindi, Nepali, Urdu and French in addition of English. Sumnima Udas attended Bachelor Degree in Washington and Lee University in Virginia where she was able to graduate cum laude with the honors in the broadcast journalism and in History of Arts. She got the masters in Oxford University and she started to work at CNN in the year 2001 when she was news assistant and a show producer. She moved in Hong Kong in 2006 and became producer of CNN in 2010 based in Delhi.

When it comes to her private life, there is no record about her being married, having a husband or children. Her instagram is @sumnimaudas. Her pictures are available on cnn website. Her net worth had not been recorded yet.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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