Shontell Mcclain

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The renowned American writer, Shontell McClain was born on 8th October in Tennessee, according to her biography. She belongs to American nationality. She belongs to Black ethnicity. Shontell was born to African American parents. She went to Manchester High School. Shontell has been an actress and a writer by profession. Shontell McClain has been married to a famous music producer Michael McClain. The couple has been with four most talented kids namely Gabriel, Lauryn, Sierra Aylina McClain, and China Anne McClain.


Shontell McClain has been a proud mother of the Disney star actress China McClain. China Anne began her acting when she was just 7 years old. China portrayed China James in a romantic comedy film Daddy's Little Girls by Tyler Perry. She played Chyna Park in an internationally renowned Disney teen movie A.N.T. Farm. China's film credits include The Gospel, Hurricane Season, Grown Ups, Blood Brother, and Madea's Family Reunion. China Anne has been earning huge success and fame in the industry. Shontell has been a proud mother of the trending actress Sierra Aylina McClain. Sierra was seen acting in a Tyler Perry's film Daddy's Little Girls. Her work credits include A.N.T. Farm, Honey: Rise Up and Dance, Empire, Shrink and Daddy's Little Girls. Sierra has been the trending singer and actress in the industry. Sierra has earned herself good enough which is around $2 million. 3 McClainGirls has been an American pop girl group based in Georgia in the year 2004. The group consists of three McClain sisters Lauryn, Sierra, and China McClain. They signed an agreement with Hollywood and launched their first single titled Go in the year 2012.

Shontell has been a brilliant screenwriter and a TV personality. Shontell has limited appearances on TV, yet she has won the hearts of all her audiences. Her work credits include Meet the Browns, House of Payne and Six Blocks Wide. She has been an ambitious and independent woman and desires the same for her daughters. Shontell is in full support of making a huge career of her kids. Shontell's daughter China Anne McClain has been earning a Net worth of $700 thousand. Shontell has 16.2k followers on Twitter. The talented lady has 26k followers on Instagram.


Shontell McClain's daughter China McClain was nominated for Teen Icon award for the category Icon to Tomorrow. China was nominated for two NAACP Image awards. China Anne won the NAMIC Vision awards for best performance actress in a comedy show for A.N.T. Farm.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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