Shin Kawasaki

Shin Kawasaki is a popular musician of the industry. He is also a popular music composer and has recorded many tracks for many popular music companies.

Personal life

Shin Kawasaki was born in the year 1978. He has not shared his date of birth in his biography. He was born in Japan to his Asian parents but Shin holds an American nationality. Shin’s father was a business person and his mother was a brand manager. When her mother was transferred to Los Angeles in the United States, the family had to settle there. His mother was a very good singer and he inherited music as hobby from her. Initially, Shin had interest in the instrumental music and played piano. He considered music as the only thing close to him because his parents remained busy most of the time with their profession.

As Shin grew up, he started taking music lessons from a reputed institution. His father disliked his knack for music because he concentrated more on music than in studies. His father always wanted him to show some interest in his business matters but he had any interest in it. The musician was sent to a very good school but as there were no regular music classes, he hardly wanted to go to school. After requesting his mother a lot, he changed his school. He became an active member in the music club of his school. Shin also made several appearances on the stage for his school. Besides having a great voice, he played violin very well.

When in high school, Kawasaki also formed a musical band with some of his friends. Though he has not shared the name of the band with us, but it was very popular during that time. They have even made several stage performances and concert appearances which has fetched them more popularity among the people. After completing his high school graduation, he concentrated on his music career and pursued song writing as well as singing as his passion.

Shin took some training from the other institutions regarding the professional song recording. As far as his personal life and affairs are concerned, Shin is very adventurous. He has been in a relationship with his long time girlfriend Keiko Agena. Keiko Agena is a very successful actress who has earned a lot of fame through her appearance in The television series Glimore Girls. The couple has made several appearances in the public. Their marriage has been one of the most popular story in the media. Shin had proposed his girlfriend in one of the most unique way. In the year 2005, the couple went up in a helicopter in Las Vegas, Nevada where they got married. The couple is leading a happy marital life and have not shared any news about their children with the media till now.


Shin is very successful in his career and has recorded many music for popular films and videos. He has also established himself as a music composer. Shin’s solo album which was released in the year 2010 has further added to his fame and net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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