Sharon Mobley

Sharon Mobley Stow is known for being the ex wife of CNN's senior White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta.


She was born and brought up in the state of Maryland. She keeps her life private because she doesn’t want her professional life to suffer from nay distractions.

Sharon Mobley is licensed to practice as a registered nurse in Maryland, her license was granted on September 14, 2015. Even though nursing requires a lot of hours, Sharon was fine with living that kind of lifestyle. She is enthusiastic about being on hand to help people out at the hospital. The money she gets paid makes the job worthwhile but that is not her biggest reason for being a nurse. She has a caring heart and wants to do all that she can so others are being taken care of.

Marriage to Jim Acosta

Sharon and Jim shared more than 20 years of a happy marriage before things came to a bitter end. She met Jim at James Madison University located in Virginia. They enjoyed a passionate love affair as college sweethearts. They were happy to find each other at a time when most college students were bouncing around from mate to mate. They shared the same mentality of just wanting to find someone that they can connect with instead of casual hookups.

 In 1994, couple came together in a formal matrimony. Their wedding planner arranged a private wedding with just close friends and family being invited.  They are blessed with two beautiful daughters and one handsome son.

Ex Husband’s Media Career

Sharon’s ex husband, Abilio James Acosta was born on April 17th, 1971.  He graduated from Annandale High School in 1989. He majored in Mass Communications and minored in Political Sciences at James Madison University. When he was in school, he was very active in broadcasting. During those days he worked in WXJM and WSVA. He has also worked for Radio station WMAL. Soon after college he got into radio, then made a jump over to broadcast television.  To start off, he worked as a desk assistant at the WTTG-TV station. He worked as a reporter and substitute Anchor for the WBIR-TV station in 1995. He has been developing a strong career in journalism.

He has been working for CNN since April 2007 and was featured on CBS Newspath. Jim was promoted to be the National Political Correspondent in February 2012. He has been a permanent fixture in CNN's coverage of President Trump's administration. He made a Presidential trip to Saudi Arabia, which was quite talked about. He was happy to cover the Obama administration from the White House and around the world. He earns a handsome amount of salary at CNN and additionally earns more income while working as a columnist, blogging, and teaching Journalism. He has also earned income from ads and endorsements.


He has travelled with GOP presidential candidate to the UK, Israel, and Poland, covering the latest campaign developments. He travelled to Cuba to cover President Obama at a rare news conference featuring Obama and the President of Cuba Raul Castro. He wrote a detailed blog post of his visit to Cuba. Jim Acosta challenged President Obama on his administration strategy for destroying the terrorist organization known as ISIS at a National TV News Conference in November 2015.

Hitting the Divorce Wall

Sharon and Jim did not expect that their last days together would end in a divorce. They wanted to keep things together because they have children but they couldn’t patch things up. They decided to end things so that they could both be happy with someone else. The recently divorced Jim Acosta is embracing his single life in Washington. The couple silently split and filed for divorce after years of marriage.

Ex Husband’s Battle With President Donald Trump

Jim’s career has been highly decorated as he was awarded with News and Documentary Emmy award for outstanding live coverage of a current news story. He is known in the public eye for his feud with President Donald Trump.

During a January 11th, 2017 press conference regarding the Steele Dossier, Donald Trump kept on dismissing reporters as “fake news” whenever they asked a question that was not favorable to him. Jim was one of the reporters and marks that day as the beginning of his sour relationship with Donald Trump, “Ever since then, and this is what gets under their skin, we’ve had to be fact-checkers in real-time. We’ve had to try to tell the truth in real-time when the president says, ‘Barack Obama wiretapped me at Trump Tower.’ Not true. When he says, ‘Millions of undocumented people voted in the election, and that’s why I lost the popular vote.’ That’s not true. The foundation of his political career was built on a lie, that Barack Obama was not born in this country. Listen, these are tough times, and there are some tough questions to be asked. But I don’t think we do ourselves any good if we shy away from these hard questions.”

Jim has been frustrated with Donald Trump’s combative relationship with the media. He think it’s odd that the president feels he shouldn’t be challenged and a lot of his peers feel the same, “It’s not just me; a lot of us do this – [we] push back on these falsehoods on a daily basis. And this is why there are a lot of folks who support the president who are very upset with us right now because they take it in, and they see it as, ‘They’re just bashing the president all day long.’ Listen, are we supposed to do the news and not fact-check the president when he is obviously just telling whoppers, one after another?  I was at the rally in Tampa the other night, and he said, ‘Not only is there fake news, there are fake polls!” And in almost the same breath, he says, ‘And by the way, a poll just came out that said I’m the most popular Republican president of all-time!”

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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