Born as Shannon Bruce Snaith, Shane is one actor that can be said to have continued his family’s musical traditions together with Average Jo, his band. His parents used to be musicians during his childhood days. Shane’s net work is $35 million, and from his Instagram posts, he has a perfect tall height. On Tumblr, Shane’s fans can follow on shaneewestonline.                    

Personal Life

Shane West’s birthplace is Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Based on Shane’s biography, his father has a Sephardi descent while his mother hails from a French (Cajun) family. His two siblings include Simone Snaith and Marli Ann Snaith. Judging from Shane’s career success, one can only conclude that his parents are extremely proud of what Shane, their son, has become.

However, unlike most children, Shane’s childhood was not an easy one, particularly since his parents opted to divorce without making considerations of the adversity of such a decision on the young child. However, as expected, Shane’s mother could not come to terms with the thought of leaving her son after the divorce and thus, took him in. 

But with such a hard childhood, Shane’s enthusiasm and determination to make it big in life could not afford the talented actor the luxury of any laxity in pushing his talent to greater heights. The fact that Shane lacked a home in California when he came to explore his talent did not derail him. After such a struggling moment, Shane landed an opportunity to feature in the Picket Fences TV show. Having taken hold of the availed opportunity, Shane’s journey had started.

During his childhood, Shane concentrated more on acting as opposed to his studies. He is definitely a talent to watch, especially judging from his numerous appearances on TV shows as well as movies including Dracula 2000, Red Sky, Nikita, The Crew and A Time for Dancing. Apart from that, Shane’s life has suffered many controversial moments including those of him dating different females and having Rachael Leigh Cook as a wife. Though not married, Shane is rumored to be dating CC Sheffield currently. More of Shane’s details can be obtained from his profile on Wikipedia or IMDb.  

Career Life

Shane’s dream of pursuing an acting career crossed his mind at age 15. During this time, West gained small shorts on different television shows. However, his major breakthrough came at a time when he featured in Once and Again in 1999. Aside from the success that came West’s way as a result of the show, his popularity in the entertainment scene was furthered by his feature on films such as Whatever It Takes and Liberty Heights.

Shane starred in A Walk to Remember, a hit romance alongside Mandy Moore in 2002. A year later, Shane featured in an action film dubbed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen playing Tom Sawyer before moving on to depict Darby Crash’s short life in 2007 in What We Do In Secret. For three years since 2010, Shane has cast in Nikita as Michael after which he featured in Salem playing John Alden in 2014.