Shane Pomers was born nearly thirty years ago in California, United States of America. His parents, especially his mother Michelle Galvin was happy to welcome her son. The fact who his father is still unknown. As to the siblings, he is a brother of Scarlett Pomers. He and her sister have the same mother but different fathers, so he may call her a half-sister. While being a child, Shane attended the local school and grew up an ordinary boy.

During the formative years, he was interested in sport, music and film industry. There is no other information about his further education and career. Shane is most famous for being a relative to Scarlett Pomers. His sister was fond of music since a childhood and has been involved in the professional one since then. She started singing and taking guitar lessons as a little girl and began doing small jobs as well.

Soon, Scarlett was seen on several television shows. She also became interested in the acting career. She did several commercials and appeared in television shows like “Touched By an Angel”, “That's Life” and “Judging Amy”. She also acted in the movie “The Baby Sitters Club” and appeared on “A Ring of Endless Night”. Scarlett got the leading role of Naomi Wildman on “The Star Trek: Voyager”. While being a popular actress in such an early age, she became a winner of the Young Artist Award for her performance. It was a huge success for her, after which she gained the role of Kyra Hart in the WB series called “Reba”.

Currently she is in the retirement since 2014. The reason of her quitting is that she is willing to devote herself to music and photography. Shane is very proud to have such a talented sister. She is very enthusiastic and hardworking person, who earns a huge salary. There is no needs and financial problems in her family. Due her persistent work, their net worth is estimated to be nearly 2 million dollars.

As to the personal life in his biography, he seems to have no girlfriend or wife. He was not noted to have some relationship. Moreover, he is not a public person. Shane does not give any interviews for the audience. He and his family prefers to keep their personal life in a secret. However, Shane is an active user of social media. He has some accounts on such popular websites like Twitter and Facebook. There are thousands of followers, who are interested in his life. He tries to describe most of his ideas and thoughts on his page.

His sister is not so active on the internet. She does not speak with her fans and admirers online. Sometimes she is seen on some public occasions, where she can even interact with the journalists. It is also important to say that Scarlett was suffering from anorexia. Shane always tries to support and give love to his beloved sister.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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