Season Hubley

Season Hubley is American actress and she became to be well known when she was on TV shows and other series. She is known to play in All My Children, in Hardcore, and in Escape from New York City. She had got a respectable position in the city of American entertainment field and had earned fans and fame.

She was born in the city of New York City in New York in the year 1951. She is of American nationality. Her mother is Julia Kaul and her father is Grant Shelby Hubley. According to her biography, she was born with one brother Whip Hubley and Sister Sally Hubley. She got raised by her parents and siblings in the musical and entertainment environment. It is not clear where she went for her schooling but it is said that she graduated with acting degree.

Season Hubley started acting career with the TV movie, Bobby Jo and the God Time Bond. This is when she was Bobby Jo. She then acted in Lolly Madonna XXX where she was Lolly Madonna. At the beginning, she did not get enough recognition from the public but this did not stop her and she continued to engage actively in acting. She became well known when she played as Margit Kingsley Mclean in 1974 TV series. She then appeared in two episodes of Kung Fu. Other films she was in are Steele Justice, Kiss the Sky, Child in the Night, The Rookies and Blue Skies.

She gets paid enough money for her roles and she has been able to make up to 10 million dollars as net worth. Even if she is well known actress, she had not been involved into too much rumors and she is doing the best job without having to harm other people. She had not been a part of any controversy by now.

Season Hubley‘s height is 5 feet with 5 inches. Her hair is light brown and her eyes are blue. She is not involved in the social media and she does not have account at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. When it comes to her personal life, Season Hubley got married to Kurt Russell in 1979 but they divorced in 1983. They have a son called Boston Oliver Grant Russell born in 1980.

She has been involved into many roles and was playing a princess in The Partridge Family of 1972. She was Pam in the She Lives a television movie on a young couple. In Kojak, she played like a nun who has her sister murdered. She had a role in Family, an evening TV drama and she was in many episodes starting 1976 up o 1977 where she was Salina Magee. She was a co-star in the Starky’s Lady and was the fiancée of Starsky played by Paul Michael Glaser. In All My Children, she was playing Angelique Marick and then appeared in Stepfather III.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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