Seargeoh is a second son to Sylvester Stallone with Sasha Czack of Pennsylvania. At the beginning, he was named Silent Genius and the silent son because he was having trouble when it comes to repeat words or expression. When he was 3 years old, it was found out that he was suffering autism. Seargeoh was in Rambo II but now none knows where he is.

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Seargeoh is 38 years now since he was born in the year 1979. Most information about him is kept private and people do not what he is up to. Seargeoh is youngest son, while the older brother is called Sage Stallone and was born in year 1976 in the city of Los Angeles. Sage died in the year 2012 because of heart disease. He was a director, writer, producer and actor. Besides, Sage Seargeoh has also half sisters; they are Scarlet Rose Stallone, Sistine Rose Stallone and Sophia Rose Stallone. He is the nephew to composer, producer and actor Frank Stallone. Seargeoh‘s mother divorced is father in the year 1985. The reason behind the divorce is not known yet.

After the divorce, the father got married two times, the second marriage was to a model that they met while on the stage. She was called Brigitte Nielsen and the marriage lasted only two years and it was a topic in Tabloid and public media. The third marriage was to Jennifer Flavin that took place in the year 1997. The marriage bore three daughters.

Seargeoh was never left alone and he was shown care and love according to his difficulties. For the career, Seargeoh cannot work anywhere and he did not attend the educational facilities. It is not clear if he did study and which level he reached. He was in Rocky 2 where he was the newborn.

The information about his net worth is not available but his father’s net worth is 400 million dollars. He made his net worth from being a writer, a producer, actor and a body builder.

More information about Seargeoh cannot be obtained easily because the family keeps him away of the media and the public eye. He attended the wedding of his brother Sage and he is believed to be around 5’10’’ tall.

It is not easy to get the biography and the picture of Seargeoh. However in the past, some photos were published and it was said that they are his photos. The photos were found out to be that of an actor Milo Ventimiglia, at one time he played as the son of Rocky in Heroes but he is not his biological son.

Seargeoh’s personal life is believed to be tough because of his autism. After experiencing this problem, Stallone is now helping other people who are affected by autism in one way or another. They did not place his son in the institution but the family took care of him on their own.

31 Dec, 2017