Scott Bakula

Scott Bakula is a renowned director and actor of the glamour and film industry. He is not only an established actor but is also a popular theatre artist.

Scott Bakula was born in the year 1954 on October 9th. He was the elder son of his parents J. Stewart Bakula and Sally. He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri with his younger sister and brother. His father was a well-known lawyer and his mother took care of the home. He belonged from the Czech cultural background and believed in God. He went to Church on every weekend with his family and also attended many other religious ceremonies.

His father was very strict and that was the reason he had to go through a strict upbringing. Scott was a very good student and went to a popular school of their town. As he scored very good grades, his parents had a lot of expectations from him. His father always wanted him to become a successful lawyer like him in the future but he was more intended towards the cultural events. He participated in the drama and theatre events of his school. The praises and appreciations he received from his teachers and friends has always motivated him to become an actor in the future.

When Scott shared his likings with his parents, his parents completely disagreed. They always wanted him to pursue an academic career. Though he concentrated in his education, he did not completely give up on his passion for acting. Later, he went to the Jefferson College to pursue his bachelor’s degree education. After completing his education there, he went to the University of Kansas to continue with his further education. When he was in the university, he applied in the Mormon Theatrical University to pursue acting. He left the university in the final year and went to New York to pursue acting.

He got the chance in his first film, Marilyn: An American Fable where he played the role of a baseball player. As he has played baseball during his high school days, this role was very easy for him. He worked with the Pasadena Playhouse and Off- Broadway production after that in the films like Three Guys, Three Guys Naked from the Waist Down and Nightclub Confidential.

He appeared in many television series like Eisenhower & Lutz, Quantum Leap, Gung Ho, Romance/Romance, Dream On, My Sister Sam, NetForce, The Trial of Old Drum, Murphy Brown, Blue Smoke and many more. He was also seen in a number of films like Major League : Back to the Minors, Sibling Rivalry, Life as a House, Me Him Her, Necessary Roughness, Geography Club, Source Code, Basmati Blues, Color of Night, My Family, American Beauty, The Captains, The Informant!, A Passion to Kill, Enter the Dangerous Mind and more.

In the year 1981, he married Krista Neumann. In the year 1995, the couple split! They have two children from each other. Scott remained single for some time and in the year 2009, he tied the knot with Chelsea Field. The couple was also blessed with two sons and there is still no news about their separation or divorce.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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