Sarah Feuerborn

Sarah Feuerborn (born September 20, 1978), is best known for being the wife of San Francisco 49ers’ head coach and former NFL player, Jim Harbaugh ( born December 23 in Toledo, Ohio). The couple met in the year and tied the knot in 2008. The couple is married for ten years now. They are blessed with three gorgeous children named Katherine, Addison, Jack and John. Sarah is a real-estate agent by profession.

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Early life

Born to American parents, Merle Feuerborn and Alta Feuerborn, Sarah was born on September 20, 1978, in Belton, Missouri. She has 10 siblings. She grew up in Kansas with her siblings named Anna, Amy, John, Andrew, Marty, Mary, Paul, Pamela, Joseph and Michael. Since she was living an uncharmed life before meeting Jim, not much details are available about her education.


Sarah Feuerborn is a real estate agent by profession. She featured in the hit Dockers Commercial along with her husband and 3 children, Katherine, Addison and Jack. The commercial was released in the year 2014 and in the commercial, Sarah can be seen offering a public service announcement- like message about men’s pants. She also appeared as herself in few of the most popular TV series including Mike & Mike, All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines.

Personal Life

Sarah Feuerborn is the second wife of Jim Harbaugh. Jim was married to Miah for 10 long years. However, due to increasing issues in their married life lead to divorce. Jim has three children from his first marriage named Grace, James and Jay who lives in Coronado, California with their mother.

Sarah and Jim first met at a Chinese restaurant and it was love at first sight for Jim. He approached her without any hesitation and asked for her number. At first, Sarah was a little reluctant but Jim’s straightforwardness made her give the number. However, she never picked up the calls and knowingly called back during his practice sessions. To her surprise, Jim stopped the practice session in between just to talk to her. Jim was always sure that how badly he wanted Sarah in his life but Sarah was still hesitant. It was a long distance thing for them.

Jim lived in San Diego and Sarah was based in Las Vegas. Sarah explained to Jim how this relationship won’t last so that Jim can move on. But, it was Jim’s charm and trust in them that finally made Sarah give up when Jim proposed to her in the same parking lot outside the Chinese restaurant where they met for the first time. Their love story is no less than a fairy-tale.

The much in love couple got married in the year 2008. The couple is blessed with four children named Katherine, Jack, Addison and John. Jim never hesitates to post pictures of Sarah and children on social media platforms. Seems like the marriage is going strong and there are no troubles in their happy paradise. And its’s absolutely amazing.

27 Sep, 2018