Sandy Mahl is a wildlife rehabilitator and a business woman who is also an American. She also works as a WHR vice President and at the same time a co-founder for Wildlife Rescue service named Wild Heart Ranch. She is known to be the former wife of the well known songwriter and a pop singer called Garth brooks.

From her biography, she was born on the 16th January in the year 1965 in the state of Oklahoma in the city of Tulsa. She is of American nationality and she is of white ethnicity. Her parents are Pat Mahl and John Mahl. She was born with Debbie Mahl. When it comes to education, she finished her university degree with Oklahoma State University.

When it comes to her private life, she is now single. She became famous because of her ex husband who is a famous songwriter and a singer Garth Brooks. They got married in the year 1986. When Garth was still working like a bouncer as a part time job, for Oklahoma Bar, it was the same time they came to know each other. The two went to Oklahoma State University.

When they were still at University, they started their love affair and after being together for many years, they decided to get married. They lived together for over 15 years and they divorced in the year 2001. The reason for the marriage to end is that Garth was seeing another celebrity actress and this led to the end of their relationship.

During their marriage, they gave birth to three children, and all are daughters. The eldest is Taylor Mayne Pearl, the second is August Anna and the third is Allie Colleen. After her divorce, Sandy Mahl did not get married to anyone else.

Sandy Mahl got interested into the Wildlife Rescue services at the time a mother dog and the puppies got dumped before her house. The dog was to be taken to the wildlife rescue service. Afterwards, she started the nonprofit organization so that she can help animals and her organization grew bigger and it expanded. She also helped her husband at a certain period to write some of his songs. Some of the songs she is credited for are I’ve Got a Good Thing Going and That Summer.

As a businesswoman, Sandy Mahl had been able to make up to 125 million dollars as a net worth.

There are many facts about Sandy Mahl that can be found online. Sandy Mahl suffered breast cancer and was diagnosed in the year 2006. Together with her husband, they were born in one hospital but her husband was born 3 years earlier. While in school she was an athlete since she was a basketball player, cheerleader and a track runner. In 2006, she was kidnapped at a gunpoint but she was not harmed. Her twitter account is@brookssandy25 and her Instagram account is @smahl94