Alan Alda is an Army officer of United States and a very well known actor. His birth name is Alphonso Joseph D’ Abruzzo and was born on 28th of January in 1936. He is presently 81 years old and lives in New York, U.S. He went to the Fordham University. He has always been a versatile personality and is not only an actor but also an author, an activist, a screenwriter and a director. Alan is active since 1958.

Alan’s Television shows include M*A*S*H, The West Wing, ER, 30 Rock, The Big C and the Blacklist. He is such an immense personality that he has won Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award six times each. It is not easy for an actor to grab such huge awards so many times, it takes the sweat of the brow. The general public usually does not recognize him as Alan Alda but by the name Captain Hawkeye Pierce which is his role in the famous TV series ‘M*A*S*H’. He is also known as Arnold Vinick, his character in The West Wing.

He has also made appearance in many movies such as Crimes and Misdemeanors and The Aviator. He was also nominated for best supporting role for The Aviator. He was the host of the TV show Scientific American Frontiers for 14 years which is one of his biggest achievements. This show explored science and technology. Alan is a professor at the Stony Brook University and is also the Founder member of the University’s advisory board. He is also an integral part of World Science Festival and Math-O-vision.

Alan Alda’s father Robert Alan was an excellent performer in Burlesque theatres and was an actor and a singer by profession. His mother Joan Browne was the winner of Beauty peagent. When Alda was just seven years old, he suffered from the disease Polio and had to go through a painful method for cure. In this method, hot blankets of wool were kept on his limbs and musceles were stretched and by God’s grace Alan overcome the disease and was healthy again.

Alan Alda has Arlene Alda as his wife, the couple got married in 1957 and lives a happy family life. Arlene is also no less when it comes to talent. She is a writer and a famous photographer. They together have three children Eve Alda, Beatrice Alda and Elizabeth Alda.

Alan Alda has been working hard all his life and has huge fan following all over the world. His movies and TV shows have good imdb ratings and has a net worth in millions. Alan has also done charity works all his life. He has done fund-raising for many social issues. He along with his wife has also collected funds for cancer patients. The victims of cancer benefit from their efforts. Alan has also worked in ‘Free to be You and Me’ which is a children’s album. Alan Alda’s performance has always done remarkable work in his fields

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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