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How old is Sandra Nelson Winkler? Who is Sandra Nelson Winkler?


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Sandra Nelson Winkler is well known as just Sandra Nelson. She is an actress. From her bio, she was born in the city of Madison in Wisconsin. She is known to play in The Young and The Restless since 1997 up to 1998. Nelson was playing a role of Aliyah Farran at the Wolf of Wall Street. Sandra Nelson was born in the year 1964 so her age is 54 years old.

Sandra Nelson Winkler Career and early life

In her acting career, Sandra Nelson is remembered as an actress who was played as Marayna for Star Trek:Voyager for Alter Ego role and she was Tavana for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the Solders of the Empire. Her dress for Voyager Episode called Alter Ego had been re-used again by the background actress called Fedra Thompson for Concerning Flight episode. It got sold in the It’s Wrap! Sale and Auction at eBay.

Sandra Nelson became a regular person for the soap opera called The Young and the Restless. She has also other credits mostly for the made to television movies such as Moment of Truth: A child Too Many together with Stephen Macht, she was also in Voices from within together with Corbin Bensen and for Brothers at the Frontier with Jonathan Frakes, the star of Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was in Run for The Dream: The Gail Devers Story together with John Schuck in the year 1996.

In the past years, Nelson started a career in the motion pictures. She had roles in motion pictures. She started in the Life as a House, where she featured together with Star Trek: Enterprise star named Scott Bakula and the DS9 guest actor called Art Chudabala. The two films where being directed by the father-in-law known as Irwin Winkler. She did appear in the thriller of Enough together with Jeff Kober, Bruce French, Bill Cobbs and William O Campbell. She was also in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Sandra Nelson Winkler Net worth

Her net worth had not been disclosed yet.

Is Sandra Nelson Winkler married? who is her husband &Children

Nelson got married to an actor, writer, director and a producer called Charles Winkler from September 1998 and but she divorced her husband in 2012. They have two children, a daughter called Maya who was born in 2000. They got also a son called Sebastian in the year 2002. She was the daughter in law to Margo Winkler and Irwin Winkler. She is the sister in law of David Winkler and Adam Winkler. She said that she had been acting her entire life.

She was born as a rare Frenchie who grew up in Tucson in Arizona and escaped to Theatre when she went in New York. She is somehow a normal person and she lives in Los Angeles. She loves to continue with her acting and she can express all the characters found in her head or which she had lived through in her past.


10 Dec, 2018