Ruth B’s real name is Ruth Berhe and she was born in the year 1995. She uses Ruth B as a stage name. She is a songwriter and a singer born in Edmonton in Alberta. It is in Canada. She is of Ethiopian origins but of Canadian nationality. She does not talk about religious believes. The name of her mother and father is not well known. She was born with a brother. Her father works as a real estate agent while her mother works like a music attorney and she is a home care provider.

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She started her career at Vine in the year 2013 and in the 2015; she did release an EP called The Intro. In the year 2017, she released the first album called Safe Haven. The single named Lost Boy had accumulated over 300 million streams at Spotify on its own. The YouTube Channel got 165 million views.


According to her biography Ruth B was born and also raised in the city of Edmonton. She spent most of the teenage years in the place. She says that she is an introvert in the interview she did with The Canadian Press. She did not attend big parties and when she was working part time, she also started dabbling and was posting the videos on the Vine. She was using six second video service since it was taking less effort in uploading short clips and compared to other types of popular services such as YouTube. She attended Ross Sheppard High School in the year 2013 and she went to MacEwan University. However, she stopped the studies so that she can focus more on the music. The first video he posted on Vine Video was in the year 2013 and she started to make the singing vines in just one year afterwards.

The singing vines take only six second of covering of the popular songs and it helped her to get more following. In the year 2014, she was posting the vine for her singing with the lines that she was making up. When she made these lines, she became more popular and some of her followers asked her to make it a full song and it became the Lost Boy and posted it at the YouTube channels and on iTunes. When the vine clip became popular, she became famous and people started to notice her while moving around. The debut single, the Lost Boy, in Canada, it was 3times platinum and in United States it was 2times platinum.

Married, husband, boyfriend, dating

Ruth B is not married yet and her relationship status is single. She does not like to talk too much about her private life and it is not clear if he had been in a relationship or not.

Net worth

Her net worth is believed to be 3 millions. Her songs can be found on Amazon menu and the prices of MP3 are 9.99 and for an audio CD is 9.99 dollars.

26 Feb, 2019