Ron Reagan’s Biography

Ronald Prescott Reagan, known as Ron Reagan, was born in Los Angeles California on May 20, 1958. Skipper was the name her family used to call him. He has an elder brother, Micheal Reagan (adopted) who called him an embarrassment to the family.

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Ron and Michael didn’t have a good relationship. Ron also has a sister, Patti Davis, a famous actress and author, and two half sisters, Maureen and Christine Reagan.

Ron attended The Webb School of California but was expelled, and he commented that the school administrators thought that he was a bad influence on the other children.

Ron also went to Yale University, but he dropped out in 1976 as he wanted to go for ballet dancing. Ron then participated in Joffrey II Dancers and mentored by Sally Brayley, a Canadian-American Ballet dancer, and instructor.

Ron’s Age and Who is Ron’s Father?

Ron is now 60 years old and currently residing in Seattle California.

Ron is the only biological son of the former US President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis Reagan. While Ron’s father is a Presbyterian, he claimed to be an atheist. At 12, he told his father that he would not go with them anymore to church. When Ronald Reagan became a governor of California, Ron left for Sacramento.


Is Ron Reagan Married?

Ron was married to Doria Palmieri in 1980. It has been noted that they were happy together for 34 years until she died because of neuromuscular disease in 2014. The two meet at Stanley Holden's dance studio in 1977. They decided to get married in 1980 after a few years of dating. Reports said that the couple was inseparable and showed so much love for each other.

Ron’s Net Worth and career

In 1989, Ron became politically active when his father Roland Reagan left the Whitehouse. In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2009, he did not speak out during the incumbency of his father because people may associate his opinion to the president father. Ron also added that they have different views in politics so it would add up to the controversy that they are not In good terms.

In 1991, Ron stated appearing as host in The Ron Reagan Show. The was later canceled due to competition with other late night talk show. Ron then became a magazine journalist. After that, he hosted in Animal Planet network. In Britain, he worked for BCC in Record Breakers, a children’s TV Show.

Ron Reagan has served a non-profit advocacy group, the Creative Coalition. In 2005, he co-hosted the show Connected: Coast to Coast. In 2010, an American Radio network, Air America Media, aired The Ron Reagan Show. Then in 2011, his book My Father at 100: A Memoir, was released. In an interview when he promoted his book, he said he noticed his father was showing symptoms of the early stage of Alzheimer’s decease while still the US President. The statement was attacked by critics, including his brother Michael Reagan.

Record show that Ron Reagan has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

23 Nov, 2018