Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman was born as Ronald Perlman on 13th April 1950 in Washington Heights, New York. He is an American movie and TV actor. He is also known for his roles as a voice actor. He has been gifted with great roles over the years during his career. Ron has done a lot of great work in the last 4 decades.

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Personal Life

Ron was born to Bertram Perlman and Dorothy. His father, Bertram was a television repairman and his mother was a municipal employee. His father used to be a jazz drummer too. He has faced different difficulties in his life. His biography contains a lot of facts about his life.

Once he said that his childhood was not too bad, but as he was an overweight young kid, so he has a terrible image of himself. He was also bullied in his childhood because of his appearance. As far his education is concerned, Ron achieved his bachelor’s degree from Lehman College and later attended the University of Minnesota for masters in theater arts in 1973.

Ron has been married since 14th February 1981 when he was bound in martial relation with Opal Stone. His wife, Opal was a jewelry designer. He is in a committed relationship since his marriage and has never been divorced. He and his wife have two children named Blake Amanda Perlman and Brandon Avery Perlman.

Ron has declared himself a more of a spiritual person, but not religious. He has also volunteered as an actor in the Young storytellers Program, which is a non-profit organization working in Los Angeles. There have been reports that in 2016 he announced that he will run for the United States President in 2020. However, this was announced through social media. He has been active as an actor presently.


Throughout his career, Ron has acted in 230 movies and TV shows. As he has also studied the theater arts in his master’s degree, he had the ambition to become an actor. He has also said that after seeing his performance in a college production of “Guys and Dolls”, his father gave him blessings to pursue his career in acting. He has been a stage actor before becoming a film star. He made his debut in 1981 in the film “Quest of Fire”. He has done a lot of roles since then.

He got a major recognition for his role of Vincent in the TV series “Beauty and The Beast”. He has also been known for his role in “Sons of Anarchy”. He has kept on succeeding in the film industry since his debut. His latest one of best roles was portrayed in the series “Hellboy” which is based on comics. He has done a lot of work as a voice actor on animations and games too. He has not stopped working even at the age of 68 and is still going strong. He has been filming for his upcoming movie in 2019.

He has won a golden globe award in 1989 for best performance as an actor in a TV series “Beauty and The Beast”. As he has been a successful actor, he has a net worth of around 15 Million dollars.

25 Oct, 2018