Rodney Carringtons

Rodney Carrington was born in the year 1968 and he is a standup comedian, country music artist and actor of American origins. He had released up to six- major label studio albums and had the greatest hits package on Capitol Records and Mercury Records. He had the comedy act that combines the original songs with his stand up comedy. Carrington had also starred in Rodney sitcom in the year 2008 and in the Beer for My Horses film.

Rodney was raised in city of Longview in Texas with his parents, since 1968 until 1990. He started to work like a comedian in the local venue and got exposure because of some radio program like The Bob and Tom Show.

The first album called Hangin’ with Rodney was out in the year 1998 and it was from Mercury Records Nashville. The album was a mix of his original songs and standup comedy. It contained a single that was not charted, it is called Letter to My Penis and it peaked on the number 73, in the Top Country Albums. He moved to live in Capitol Nashville because of his next album called 2000s Morning Wood. It became the first top 20 album and it brought him to the single charts for first time and the song More of A man reached at 71 at the list of Hot Country Singles and Tracks available now at Hot Country Songs.

The third release of Capital in the year 2003 was the Nut Sack and it had the single said Don’t Look Now and it was able to reach to number 60. The greatest hits package then followed in the year 2004 and the album comprised the selection of the Capitol records of the two discs which had stand up routines as one side and songs at the other side. It included the first no comedy song called Things We Didn’t Know in the year 2004.

He made the debut in the acting career with Rodney which is a sitcom that it is based on him and his life and it aired at ABC in two seasons. He then released the King of Mountains in the year 2007 and in the year 2008. Afterwards, he appeared in the movie called Beer for My Horses.

From his biography, Rodney Carrington released the song the Angel Friend because of his best friend called Barry Martin and he died suddenly in the year 2003. El Nino Loco was the sixth album and it got released in the year 2009. The album had only songs and it had the 3rd non comedy song called Funny Man. In the year 2009, he released the song called Make it Christmas. She was married to Terri Carrington since 1993 but he had divorce from his wife. His comedy work and interview can be found on youtube. His net worth is 6 million dollars.