Robert Brinkmann

Robert Brinkmann is a German actor whose birth marked the date Nov 20th,1961. His native place is Braunschweig, Germany. He specialized in film production and cinematography. He moved to many different places in hunt of cinemas, he spent much of his time in cinemas, acquiring knowledge about them. In partnership with his two friends, he opened a production firm named “Cinescope Productions”, which shaped the careers of many filmmakers. The young turk became the shining star of film industry with many achievements.

Later, he got inspired by the work of James Fee and he donated his work to various museums as mummifying his heritage. Brinkmann’s passion took him to the heights he might have not imagined. He got married in 2000 but the marriage ended in 5 years, and later, he got married again in 2009 and now, the couple is sharing a great life together.

Personal life

Being a scorpion, Robert always had a great will towards his personal life, he was always interested in films, from the time he was born and we all can see how much efforts he must have made to reach where he is now!! He specialization in cinematography and studied film production from University of South California. With his firm Cinescope Productions, he produced many music videos and most of them were produced on a budget. His high school time was the best phase for him to learn, wherein he made 8 movies and all showed positive results.

Brinkmann moved to Berlin and after New York in search of better cinema opprtunities. He used to enjoy being on set and keeping other filmmakers happy by creating a great environment at work. He was awarded for his hard work and he also got a chance to work with film director, Phil Joanou. He got married to Mena Suvari on 4th march 2000, Mena is a fashion designer, actress and a model. Robert has also worked in various movies but the marriage ended on 10th May 2005 and then he married Olive Kim in December 2009 and the couple is living together and there is no news of them having children.

Net worth

Robert’s net worth is $10 Million, which is lower than the net worth of his first wife, Mena .i.e, $17 Million.


The actor was focussed on his career, for a majority part of his working life. Getting what you want is not always easy, but Robert proved his will by achieving everything he wanted from his career, he got various achievements, awards, appreciation and most importantly recognition in Hollywood under his cap and this is something which very few can achieve! He created a record by watching 700 films in a single year. After completing his studies and specialization, he got an award for best Cinematography for his project “The Last Chance Dance”, after completing his graduation, his firm produced documentaries as well.

Brinkmann worked with director Phil Joanou for the documentary “U2: Rattle and Hum” and various other videos. Robert got fame when he was invited to shoot for Universal Pictures! He was youngest among all to work in Hollywood studios. Few of his famous works are Encino Man,The Rules of Attraction, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Cable Guy. He maintained a good compatibility with photographer James Fee, and worked with him for a long span of 15 years. Later on, Robert donated James work to Museums.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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