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Blake Lively is a famous American actress who within a young age of thirty has been able to achieve quite a bit of success. She has been able to earn name and fame in a few television serials and additionally she also has quite a few titles to show far in the big screen. She was born Blake Ellender Brown and she was born on August 25, 1987.

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She was born in Los Angeles, California in a neighborhood called Tarzana. Her father Ernie Lively was an actor and her mother Elaine worked as a talent scout. She has a mixed descent of German, Irish and English origins. She has two half sisters, older brother and also a half brother.

She belongs to a good lineage because all her siblings and her father have been in the entertainment and film industry. She was exposed to acting at a young age. This was because her parents believed that it would be better for her to spend time in an acting school rather than being looked after by a babysitter. She was a naturally born actress and she got her first break as an actress when she was just ten. She did a role in the movie Sandman which was directed by her father.

Personal Life

Coming to her personal life, she met, Ryan Reynolds while Blake was filming the movie Green Lantern during the year 2010. They started dating since October 2011 and tied the knot on September 9, 2012. The marriage took place in South Carolina. The couple has two daughters by the names Ines and James. She is also politically active and during the 2008 U.S Presidential Election she expressed her support for Barack Obama. She also has been actively involved in issues pertaining to women education, health and social justice.

A Look At Her Career Graph

She began her acting career in 1998 in right earnest. Her first movie was Sandman which was well received and was appreciated by fans and critics alike. Since then she has acted in a number of movies. She has acted in a total of fifteen movies since 1998 and therefore it would not be out of place to mention here that she has achieved quite a bit within a short span of time. She also has had a successful stint in the small screen starting from 2007 to 2010. She has acted in a whopping 121 episodes in the famous serial Gossip Girl where she did the main role of Serena van der Woodsen.


Apart from being nominated for a number of movies, it would be pertinent to mention that Blake Lively has won eight prestigious awards including awards such as Best Ensemble, Breakthrough Performer and Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress. Her last award was for the movie People’s Choice Awards in 2017.

Net Worth

Though she is just thirty years old her net worth is $16 million and it is quite possible that this could be just the start of her wealth building. She is young, beautiful and highly talented and there is bound to be a big demand for her as an actress in the small and big screens.

18 Dec, 2017