Rick Hendrick

Ricky Hendrick is one of the popular racers of the industry. He is also the owner of the Hendrick Motorsports which was founded by his father. He has owned several recognitions for his impressive racing career among the people.

Personal life

According to his biography, Ricky Hendrick, born in the year 1980 on April 2nd in Charlotte, North Carolina. From childhood, he wanted to be like his father. His father has always been an inspiration for him and he always wanted to follow his footsteps even in the path of his career. It was his father who first ignited the passion of cars inside him. He has also taught him the value of hard work and money in his career. When they resided in their tobacco firm in South Virginia, he learned about car racing from his father. However, his uncertain death in the year 2004 on October 24, in Martinsville, Virginia, in a plane crash, was mourned by many.


Hendrick did not get the scope to start his career as a car racer. Instead, he stepped in the industry as a business dealer. He began his racing career with the Legends Series Summer Shootout. He gained his first pole position from this event. In the year 1998, he registered his first win. Next, after winning this, he raced for the NASCAR world which was organised at the Myrtle Beach. Rick was able to impress everyone with his incredible performance and finished at the 20th position. In the beginning, his parents were not at all satisfied with his decision of taking up his career as a car racer, as it has a lot of life risks, and was also impermanent. However, they did not want to stop him from doing what he loved and thus, he pursued racing as his passion. In the year 2000, he competed with the Truck and the Busch series. The only goal for him was to make his performance better and even better with time. As his passion increased towards the car racing, and he also kept counting on his performance, he faced more and more accidents. The highest number of accidents faced by him was at the various Busch series race. Due to this, Rick's career graph also went quite down during the time period. However, there was a bright side too. Ricky also won several honors and awards, after appearing in the Craftsman Truck Series. He went ahead to take some training in his racing career to get back to the position he held in the industry before facing several injuries and downfalls.

Rick went on to run a successful business of his own. Today he owns a Nascar Team. He is the owner of the Hendrick Marrow Program and Hendrick Automotive Group. His net worth is estimated to be a whopping $1 billion.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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