Richard Noel Marx, popularly known as Richard Marx, came to life on September 16th 1963 in Chicago, Illinois in the US. Richard is known to be a musician, singer, actor, producer and a band artist by profession. Richard was born to the parents Dick Marx, who was himself a musician by profession and owner of a Jingle company in the past, and Ruth who was also a singer by profession. Marx had 3 step siblings from his father’s previous marriage. Because of being born in a musical family and the family’s inspiration, Marx started his singing career at a very young age. Marx has extreme passion for music and writing songs. Marx has been inspired by many artists in his childhood like Elvis Presley and Sam Cooke.

Marx has been married and divorced and then remarried in the past. Marx married his past girlfriend named ‘Cynthia Rhodes’ in 1989. Cynthia was also a musician and actress by profession. The couple had 3 sons in the past named ‘Lucas’, ‘Jesse’ and ‘Brandon’. The couple stayed together for long and had a cordial relation before they filed for divorce and separated in 2014 because of some internal conflicts. Later on in 2015, Marx married his present wife ‘Daisy Fuentes’ who was his girlfriend for 1 year. The couple is staying in Los Angeles presently.

According to his biography, Marx started his professional career at the young age of 5 years, when most of the children are learning to interact with the outside world. Marx started singing jingles for various advertisements for major brands in his father’s company. Marx sang many jingles for popular brands like ‘Nestlé Crunch’, ‘Arm & Hammer’ etc. Later on he joined the artist Lionel Richie and started assisting him in his music recordings. While with Lionel Richie on his sets, Marx met many of the professional and famous singers like ‘Madonna’, ‘Barbra Streisand’, ‘Luther Vandross’ and started assisting them in writing and singing in their musical compositions. However Marx made the first major impact when he came out with his debut album named ‘Richard Marx’ in 1987. The album went on to become a major hit and Marx sold over 4 million copies of the album.

Later on in 1989, Marx released his second album named ‘Repeat Offender’ which was again an instant hit and over 5 million copies were sold for the album. Marx later on released many albums and he created a world record because the first 5 album of his were all big hits and appeared in the top albums in US. He has sold over 30 million copies of his songs and albums released worldwide. Marx has also acted in many movies like ‘Coach of the Year’, ‘Stories to Tell’, ‘A Night out with Friends’ and many others. Marx has also been appreciated for his roles in the movies he did.

Richard Marx is known to be one of the rich guys of Hollywood and his total net worth is close to be around $18 million which he has earned from his albums he produced, wrote and sang in.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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