Rhonda Worthey

Rhonda Worthey was a former relationship assistant of Dallas Cowboys. She is famous in being the former wife to Troy Aikman. The two are the parents to Jordan Ashley Aikman and to Alexa Marie Aikman. She had a daughter from the old relationship. Rhonda was born in the year 1969, her parents are American. She become famous when she started dating the football quarterback called Troy Aikman in the year 1998. They met when the team was practicing since Rhonda worked in publicity of Dallas Cowboys.

According to her biography, Rhonda dated Troy for 18 months and they decided to get married in the year 2000. The wedding took place in the city of Plano in Texas. Now Troy is retired and does not play anymore for Dallas Cowboy.

Rhonda had a daughter born in the previous relationship. She got two children with his relationship to Troy. The two announced that they are separating in the year 2011. Troy said that after 10 years, they find out that there is nothing else to do but separating. However, they will continue to respect and to commit to their children. The divorce proceedings were kept private. Their divorce case was finalized in 2011. It was said that they had already divided their asset in two months of separation. Troy paid 1.75 million, as a lump sum amount for the child support. Afterwards, Rhonda Worthey bought a home of five bedroom room worth 1.5 million in Dallas neighborhood near Troy Aikman.

When it comes to her personal life, Rhonda got arrested because of public intoxication and she was in Texas High School parking area. The officer said that she has two water bottles that were full of alcohol in the car. She got charged for public intoxication and then pleaded no contest and got 30 days probation. Rhonda was asked to pay 269 dollar bond for her release. The incident took place after being separated from Troy Aikman for 16 months. Her attorney said that she didn’t break any law and got lost while waiting for someone to show her the right direction.

Even if Rhonda had her own Career, it was overshadowed with the career of her ex husband who had been put in hall of fame of Dallas Cowboy as a quarterback. Aikman got remarried with Capa Mooty. Aikman was in Dallas Cowboys in his entire playing career, he played from 1989 until 2000. He helped to win 3 Super Bowl and after retiring, he is now working as a booth announcer for Super bowl at Fox Sports. He was a color commentator for the Super Bowl LI. Rhonda career was working as publicity of Dallas Cowboy but now it is not clear of what she is doing right now. It was said that she should star in Real Housewives of Dallas, however she was not picked.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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