Rachel Maddows

Rachel Maddows is a popular host from America. He is also famous as an author and a commentator.

Rachel Maddows was born in the year 1973 on April 1st. She was born in California. Her father was a captain in the United States Air Force and his mother was a school program administrator. She was brought up in a joint family and was given a very disciplined life style. As her father resigned from his captainship position before his birth, she spent more time with her father than with her mother. She also had an elder sibling named, David. She was brought up in a Jewish culture though they originally had an Irish origin.

From her childhood days, she did not get to enjoy certain freedom as she belonged from a highly conservative family. She was also treated inferior to her elder brother so she had to face a lot of restrictions. Most of the restrictions rose from the gender biased views which were very common in those days. She was even sent to a girls’ high school and was also not allowed to hang-out with her male friends. These issues affected her a lot and she always wanted to prove these views wrong.

She always stood against such views of her family and showed her excellence as an athlete. She took great interest in sports and outdoor games from her early high school days. She excelled in swimming, volleyball and basketball. She graduated from her high school to join the Stanford University. She wanted to pursue her career as a host but was not allowed by her family. After completing her graduation, she earned a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Politics from the University of Oxford.

After completing her university education, she joined the WRNX radio channel in the year 1999 as a host. She got the job through a contest which she won with her hosting talents. Though her family was strongly against her job, she somehow managed to convince them. Next, she joined the Air America in the year 2004 as the host for the programs named as Unfiltered and many more. Her show timings varied during the initial years but later, it was fixed to a continuous two hours program. Due to her widespread popularity, The Rachel Maddow Show was aired which was heartily welcomed by her followers.

She did not limit herself as a host only but also made her career path to the television industry. Her television career started from the year 2005. Initially, she worked for the show Tucker as a panelist. She has also worked with the Advocate Newsmagazine as a correspondent. She was so skilled in her field that she was appointed as a political analyst by MSNBC.

As far as her personal life us concerned, much information could not be gathered. It was previously recorded that she was involved in a lesbian relationship but we could not find any solid evidence to it. She only talks about her work and her hobbies and tries to keep her personal life a secret from her followers.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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