Qimmah Russo

Qimmah Russo was born in New York and she is an instructor and a fitness model. She became popular in 2010 because of a large online audience. She has a fitness class and she gives the lessons on the fitness and in developing mental health. Besides being a model of some fitness brands, she got also scholarship with other fitness companies.

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Qimmah Russo was born in the year 1993 and it was in New York in US. Her father is Kenneth Russo and played baseball and the mother Rayietta Russo played hockey. She grew up with a brother named Tamir Russo who took up football. Since she was raised in athletes’ family, Qimmah Russo got inspired to do sports. Before she played basketball and became a professional basketball player to get into college.


For the education background, she did the kinesiology and the sociology in the college at Santa Clarita, California.

From her biography, Qimmah Russo is a professional in fitness and she is an online entrepreneur. She became the household name in the fitness world in the year 2010 at the age of 17. She did offer the fitness classes through the website q-flexfitness.com.

She talks most of her fitness regime in the social media sites. It helps people in staying fit. She is among the fitness models such as Izabel Goulart, Jen Zelter, Michelle, Kayla Itsines and Patricia Alamo. She had been able to stand up and to build a name in this fitness world.

Russo did some modeling for brands and she scored the sponsorship deals of well known fitness companies. She started to appear on the internet sites. People like to learn about what she does and they end up buying her own story.

To maintain her body, she had to follow the fitness workout that she developed herself. She does conditioning workout and strength in order to build up an entire body and to mix it with different fitness activities. She has also to change the routines so that it can fit with the body reaction towards different types of exercising.

Qimmah Russo works on callisthenic, weightlifting and body weight exercise and she says that she does not do cardio machine since they make a person lazy. Each fitness personality does like the squats and Russo do them because they help him in working on the muscle of the back, glutes and leg.

Married divorced, husband

Qimmah Russo is yet to get married and there is no record of being divorced or having a husband. She does not like to talk about her private life too much. She is an active person on the social media. On Twitter, she had 17.1K and on Instagram, she has 1.1 million followers.

Height, net worth

Qimmah Russo’s height is 5 feet and 4 inches. Her salary as a fitness instructor is not known but her net worth is 200 thousands.

05 Mar, 2019