Born on June 30, 1968, Phil Anselmo is a famous American musician and singer. Phil was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is of Danish, French and Italian heritage. His family had a restaurant called Anselmo's which was run by his father. The restaurant was closed after the Hurricane Katrina. He had a strong passion for music during the childhood and was part of several bands in his teen years. He attended quite a number of schools, Grace King High School is one among the lot.

During the 1980's he was part of several bands like Samhain and Razor White. Destiny led Anselmo to the metal band Pantera, who were looking for a lead vocalist. Impressed with Anselmo's powerful voice, Pantera made him the lead vocalist for the metal band. Phil moved to Texas to be part of the band and start recording rock music.

In 1988, the band released his first album 'Power Metal' featuring Anselmo. The album was the band's first hit after three failures. After the success, Anselmo became an integral part of the band. Subsequent albums of the band were Cowboys from Hell(1990) and Vulgar Display of Power(1992). In 1994, the band released his next album 'Far Beyond Driver'. The album was the band seventh album and 4th album featuring Anselmo. The album became a huge hit and reached the top in Billboard 200. As with every heavy metal band artist, he also had some altercations and was charged with assault. He pleaded guilty to the assault and completed his community service as part of the sentence. Pantera released the following albums 'The Great Southern Trendkill' (1996), 'Reinventing the Steel' featuring Anselmo. The band also released one live album 'Official Live: 101 Proof' in 1997. In the late 1990's, the tension started to grow between Anselmo and rest of the band. The band officially split in 2003. Phil expressed his views against the band members in his Rolling Stone interview in 2015.

Superjoint Ritual which was started by Anselmo as a pet project became his primary project after Pantera. After that he joined another American heavy metal band 'Down'. He is still part of the band. The band released 5 albums overall. The death of Dimebag Darrell affected Phil very much. He had a war of words with Darrell before his death. He also dedicated the song named 'Lifer' in memory of Dimebag.

Phil was involved in several side projects in his career. Some of his side projects are Viking Crown, Eibon and Arsen Anthem. The book 'Mouth for War' released in 2015. He tells his side of the story about the band's rise and fall. Though people have this impression of serious dude, he is one of most lovable character.

Phil has a net worth of $8 million. He was married to his girlfriend Stephanie Opal Weinstein in 2001. The couple split up in 2004 and got divorced. He is currently in a relationship with Kate Richardson. Other interests of Phil are horror films and boxing. He has a lot of pet animals including dogs, cats and birds.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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