Peter Sarsgaard

John Sarsgaard is a very popular actor and film producer. He is also known for his major film appearances and versatile acting skills worldwide.

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John Sarsgaard was born in the year 1971 on March 7. He grew up in St. Clair County, Illinois. He was born as the only son of his parents John Dale Sarsgaard and Judy Lea. His father worked as an engineer in the Air Force and his mother took care of the home. His family had a previous history in sports. His grandparents were very talented and established sports players. He belonged from Catholic background and was influenced by the cultures of America and France.

He had to move to different places during his childhood days due to his father’s job. He had to change several schools due to this reason. He was very brilliant as a student and was also an active member of the sports team of his school. He took soccer training and also took part in many soccer tournaments. He was very popular in his school for his playing skills and also for his good looks. He has also bought several trophies and certifications for his school through his skills.

However, he had to go through several injuries and his health conditions also detoriated. Due to this, he had to give up on his sports career. He went to the Fairfield College Prepatory School in Connenticut which witnessed his growing interest towards acting. He joined the drama club of his school and also appeared in several theatre shows and plays. In the year 1989, he graduated from the high school. He went to the Bard College in New York but later, he took a transfer to the Washington University in St. Louis.

During his university days, he was an active member of the comedy and drama group. He never gave up on his acting career and appeared in theatre groups regularly. He also went to the New York’s Actors Studio to show his theatre talents. He earned a bachelor's degree in history and graduated from the university in the year 1993.

After finishing his university degree, he went to New York to try better career opportunities. He gave many auditions for small supporting roles in the films and television series. He was approached for his first role in Law & Order. He was given a small supporting role in New York Undercover. It was completely an unique role for him and he was also able to impress everyone with his acting skills.

In the year 1997, he was starred in the Subway Stories on the HBO channel. After the huge success and popularity, he was starred in the Dead Man Walking where he played the role of a teenager. He also appeared in many films like Another Day in Paradise, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Boston Globe, The Center of the World, The Salton Sea, The Widowmaker and more.


23 Nov, 2017