It is very difficult to give smile and laughter to others. Stand-up comedian Perter Kay earns lifelong achievement to give smile on millions of face. His name recorded in Guinness world records as best stand-up comedian. He is not only a comedian but also outstanding actor of television, theater and films.

Early life

Peter Kay is a British national. He was born in 2nd of July 1973. He passed his early life in Farnworth. He did his early schooling from R.C School. Then he earned his general secondary degree from St. Joseph School. After having secondary education he started doing minor jobs in super stores and in bingo halls. While doing jobs he attended university of Liverpool. When Kay was studying in Liverpool University he got offer to study media studies at Salford University where he completed HND.

Marital status

Peter Kay never indulged in extra marital affairs. He married to a girl named Susan in 2001. They are still together. The couple has one child.

Charity work

Superb comedian and marvelous actor kay never did his back for charity work. He for the first times presents himself for good deeds. He raised charity for cancer patients. To raise funds he hosted dance program “Dance for life” across UK. All the money earned through dance show used for charity purpose. He said in one of his interview that it was great fun to raise fund like this.


Before formally started career, he participated in many competitions as stand-up comedian. He beaten John Vegas when he participated in competition held in Manchester. He then won Channel 4’s stand-up comedy title in 1997. Beside, participated in different contests he performed at many clubs and in other public session. While participated in different competitions he still working minor jobs. This was the time he had to decide about the career and he started his career as stand-up comedian. He got in-digestible fame and popularity.

Outstanding stand-up comedian, extra-ordinary actor has talent to perform several characters in single show. Peter Kay gave his debut performance in 1996. He did several stand-up comedies some are “Live in Manchester Arena”, “Live at Bolton Halls”, and “Live at the Top of the Tower”. His all live performances are saved in DVDs for long life enjoyment.

Kay gave many appearances in films and television shows included: Linda Green, Phoenix Nights, Litter Britain Abroad and many more. While doing other projects he disappeared from standup comedy. After 7 long years he back to perform as stand-up comedian. He did four tours of Manchester Arena show named “The Tour that Doesn’t Tour Tour”. Before the show, large crowd was in the lane of booking ticket and due to unbelievable crowd tour was recorded in “Guinness Book”. Kay also worked as theater actor. He did 120 shows at Palace Theater and also performed at Millennium Theater.

Insanely famous live comedian Peter Kay was got fame at very early age. He earned achievement when his name entered in Guinness Book of World Record for his tour at Manchester for live comedy. He was not onlyloved by the people because of his comedy but also due tohis acting and charity works.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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