Patsy Kensit

Patsy Kensit’s full name is Patricia Jude Kensit and she was born in the year 1968. She is a former child star, a model, a singer and actress of English nationality, nominated for different awards. She was the lead singer of Eighth Wander band. She was in the role in Emmerdalea at ITV soap opera where she was Sadie King. She then played as Faye Byrne in Holby City a medical drama at BBC. He got married to Dan Donovan, Liam Gallagher, Jim Kerr and to Jeremy Healy.

From his biography, Patsy Kensit was born in the year 1968. Her father is James Henry Kensit and her mother is Margaret Rose Doohan. The mother was a native of the Ireland and she died because of breast cancer. She was born with an elder brother called Jamie and he was born in the year 1963. The mother worked like a publicist and the father worked like associate for London gangsters, the notorious Kray Twins. The grandfather was a counterfeiter and a robber and her parents were not married up to 1986. She went to Newland House, Corona Theatre School and St Catherine’s School.

In the year 1972, when she was only four years, Kensit was on television advert of frozen peas Bird Eyes. She started the career on big screen movies at For The Love of Ada. The next film role was for The Great Gatsby and she was Mia Farrow. She was also in the BBC miniseries called Penmarric. She attended Italia Conti Academy stage school. The first starring role was when she was in the television program called Luna and Adventures of Pollyanna. She appeared like Estella for Great Expectation of BBC. She played as BBC television Shakespeare called Richard III as Lady Margaret Plantagenet.

Patsy Kensit started as an actress and a singer. She was Eppie in the Silas Marner adaptation together with Ben Kingsley. For her personal life Patsy Kensit got married four times and she had divorced all of them. She got married to Dan Donovan first in the year 1992, then she got married to Jim Kerr, who was the lead singer for Simple Minds.

In the second marriage, she did gave birth to the first child called James. In the year 1997, she got married again to Liam Gallagher of Oasis. They had a son together called Lennon and he was born in the 1999. Afterwards, she got engaged to DJ Jeremy Healy but they split before the wedding. They got married afterwards and their wedding was covered by the magazine.

Patsy Kensit is a catholic and was baptized and then confirmed by the Catholic Faith. She started to attend the church after the death of her mother. She had guest appearance in the Contestant with Keith Lemon, The million pound Drop Live and Celebrity Juice. She is available on many social media and her net worth is 10 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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