Patrick Spann

Patrick Spann was famous for being Leslie Syke’s husband, who is a popular American news anchor. But that's not all he is remembered for. His charming personality and cheerful demeanour and helpfulness will always be remembered by his friends and family.

Patrick Spann was born in Chicago, Illinois. He has later moved to New York City with his wife and their son. Patrick and his brother, Bill Spann went for their education in the University of Chicago Laboratories Schools. The environment of the university was very progressive and it helped the brothers to achieve their goals and exceed expectations. The brothers completed their education and graduated from the university with respective degrees.

His friends remember Patrick as someone who was was very competitive and loved a good challenge. While here, Patrick had many accomplishments. He excelled in the Model UN and he also opened up financial investment group for the college students which was a huge success. He was also the one behind promoting the use of a mastodon as the mascot as he was of the opinion that it would be perfect!

All in all, Patrick truly loved his school and it was as clear as day to anyone who personally knew him. He always kept in touch with his friends from the university. Patrick later went to Cornell University to get his undergraduate degree. He graduated with a degree in Operations Research Engineering and passed out in 2002. Patrick was also a member of the NASA Mars Rocer Team.

Coping with all the work had even Patrick on edge sometimes and he had once admitted that the coursework at the Cornell University was no piece of cake and was a challenge at all times. However, Patrick never knew losing and he was successful in finding a good rhythm between his life and college and he had said that never once did he not have fun while at Cornell University.

Even here as with his previous school, he made great friends and always kept in touch with them. After graduating, Patrick went on to work at the Miller Brewing Company. He worked there as an industrial engineer. He was later promoted to the position of operations manager at the Irving, California brewery. However before long Patrick realised sales and marketing was his true passion.

With work ethics like his, technical skills and a readiness to work extra hours, Patrick was extremely successful. He started working for The Linde Group as the Area Account Manager in Metro-NYC New Jersey. Patrick also loved mentoring. The main reason behind this was to familiarise the students with real world experience in having communication skills to talk with clients properly.

He later was asked to be the mentor for the Fordham Black Marketing Society as well as the Hispanic Marketing Society. Patrick was a hard worker but at the end of the day what mattered most to him was his family and friends. He often sent the sudden “I love you” messages for no reason, which are now fondly remembered by his friends and family. Patrick Spann died at the age of just 33 on January 9, 2014. His funeral was held at the Walter J. Johnson Funeral Home.