Patrick Hannity

Patrick (Sean) Hannity is famous for his prowess as a political commentator and talk show host as well as author. The 1961-born American is known for the radio talk show The Sean Hannity Show as well as Hannity which is a show that airs on Fox News Channel. Also, he has a massive fan base on Twitter and Instagram.

Personal Life

From his biography, Patrick Hannity’s parents – Hugh Hannity and Lillian Hannity – raised him up in Franklin Square. During his childhood, Sean Patrick attended the Sacred Heart Seminary for his middle school in Hempstead. He later studied at New England Institute of Technology from where the conservative political commentator graduated. However, Hannity surprisingly dropped out from two universities including Adelphi University and New York University.

Patrick Hannity is married to Jil Rhodes. Hannity and his wife together have two children whom they named Patrick Hannity and Merri Kelly Hannity. Their marriage has no visible signs of divorce. Obviously, the family enjoys a good life, particularly since Sean Hannity, the family head, earns a lot being a TV and radio host, author and political commentator; in fact, among the media personalities in America, Sean is one of those that are highly paid.

Career Life

Patrick Hannity’s first occupation was that of a general contractor before progressing on to volunteering college station. He then started off as a host on a radio station, KCSB. Hannity, later on, made a move to WSGT after a cancellation of his contract before working for WABC. Initially, the opportunity to host while at WABC came about during Christmas week.

After some time, Hannity was offered an opportunity to air full-time. Apart from that, Patrick worked at ABC Radio as the host of a political talk show, and he reportedly extended his contract for another five years. Patrick’s talk show gained much popularity on American television. In fact, the show has been broadcasted on numerous stations (over 80 stations).

Moreover, apart from hosting radio and TV shows, Hannity has as well authored various books including Conservative Victory Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda as well as Deliver US from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, among others. These books are among America’s bestsellers based on their political commentary.

However, despite being in numerous political commentaries, Hannity has also been associated with controversies. For instance, he was associated with the issue of Birtherism which centered on former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Alongside this, Hannity has as well been noted commenting on some controversial issues such as Donald Trump’ candidacy, Seth Rich’s murder, Russian election interference claims, America’s election fraud, Wikileaks and deep state.

Not only has Hannity’s career won him wide recognition but also contributed to his $80 million net worth. In addition to that, he has earned several honors and awards including the Marconi Award for the Network Syndicated Personality of the Year with his show being ranked top among America’s most important shows. Furthermore, Patrick has taken the Marconi Radio Awards home for three years consecutively for the National Talk Show Host of the Year Award.