Norman Braman

Norman Braman is the owner of the billion dollar automobile dealership company, The Braman Enterprises.

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Personal Life

Norman Braman was born into a Jewish family, which emigrated from the Europe continent. He was born to a Romanian mother who worked as a dressmaker and a Polish origin father who worked as a haircutter, on 23th August 1932. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania and raised in Cobbs Creek area of Philadelphia. His father ran his men’s saloon there. As a teenager, the entrepreneur worked as the water boy at the training camp of The Eagles.

Being an avid fan of the team, he would tiptoe around the Shibe Park where The Eagles played during the gaming season to watch the match. Braman completed his school from West Philadelphia High School and learned business administration at Temple University, from where he graduated in 1955.

Currently, he leads a successful married life with his wife, Irma Miller. They are parents to two girls named Suzi Lustgarten and Debra Wechsler. Braman is known for his love for birds and keeps many species at his residence. He has never gotten himself into any kind of controversy that could affect his personal and professional life.


In 1955, right after graduating from Temple University with a business degree, he joined the sales and marketing department of Seagram’s Distributors. Within two years, he grew from an employee to an employer with the establishment of a chain of departmental stores across Philadelphia called, The Keystone Stores. Braman’s growth accelerated at a quick pace, in 1964 he set up the Philadelphia Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics of which he was the CEO and carried out the role of the organization’s President. He entered the car selling industry in 1972 when he bought a dealership in Tampa, which sold Cadillac.

In 1975, he took over a car dealership in Miami. Today, Norman Braman is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of the billion dollars car dealership chain Braman Enterprises, under which he has multiple showrooms in Colorado and Florida, selling cars of famous automobile companies including Rolls-Royce, Cadillac, Porsche and many others.

Braman who once worked as a water boy for the famous American football team, The Eagles, owned the same team from 1985 to 1994. During that period, the team won the NFL NFC Eastern Division and from 1993 to 1998 was on a winning streak emerging the winners of more than ten games, continuously for five years.

The entrepreneur has taken active participation in opposing tax campaigns including the 1982 sales tax for renovating Miami Orange Bowl and 1999 campaign run by Mayor Alex Penelas aimed at initiating one-cent sales tax, that would have adversely affected car sales in that area. Braman offered his financial aid in organizing an election to remove the Mayor of Miami, Carlos Alvarez from office because of his decision to increase property taxes.

Norman Braman’s support for the Republican Party Senator Marco Rubio when he ran as a candidate for the presidential election is well-known. Rubio showed his gratitude to Braman by mentioning him in his biography.

27 Feb, 2018