Nikki Uberti is a very popular and famous actress from the United States. She is a versatile and beautiful lady.

Personal life

Nikki Uberti was born in the United States but no exact date has been shared with the media as to what date she was borm. She had the talent of acting from the very childhood years and she performed on stage since her school days. She participated in the drama during her school days and was very popular among her friends and teachers. She did not go further in her career till she completed her graduation and achieved a bachelor's degree.

After that, she started thinking about her career and got into the modelling industry to test out her talents. Later in her life, she got married to her present husband Eddie Cahill with whom she is very happy. Her husband is also a very renowned actor and is also known for his excellent acting talents in the career. They were in a mutual relationship for some years and both of them also have children together. Though Nikki does not share a lot of information regarding her personal life with the media, we can conclude the fact that she is quite happy in her life, from her recent Instagram posts and videos; most of which includes her son Henry Cahill.


Nikki Uberti started her career at quite a young age. Her amazing talents towards acting made their way to the heart of people soon and just after the beginning of her career, she gained the support of her followers. The number of followers kept increasing. Many directors approached her soon after she got into the industry because of her beauty and talent.

She also has a strong acting experience which is due to her drama and theatre performances. Her theatre background helped her, a lot, to establish herself in the acting industry. Her popular role in the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots which was released in the year 2008, fetched her more followers and also marked a turning point in her career. By this time, she had already established herself as one of the most versatile actress in the career.

She has also made several appearances with her husband, Eddie Cahill who is another famous actor in the industry. Eddie Cahill himself being a very good actor was quite impressed at Nikki's acting, when they met for the first time. Her beauty and talent impressed him so much that after appearing on the screen for a number of times, both of them finally started dating each other.

Though she had many diversions in her career, she never shifted the focus from her work due to which she was able to earn a handsome amount of net worth. She was very particular in her career and also took great care regarding her health and fitness. She is very responsible both as an actress and also as a family person which is worth mentioning in her biography.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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