Ned Rocknroll

Ned Rocknroll is a 40 year old British personality renowned for being the 3rd husband of the famous and beautiful actress Kate Winslet.

Personal life

Edward Abel Smith aka Ned Rocknroll was born in the year 1978 and became an overnight success by marrying the evergreen Kate Winslet in 2012. His parents Robert Abel Smith and Lindy Branson parted ways when Ned was a toddler.

Ever since, he has been raised by his stepfather Robin Brockway and his mother in South-west London. He also has four brothers and is very close to his mother. Besides being related to Kate Winslet, Ned also happens to be the nephew of Sir Richard Branson who owns a company called Virgin Galactic. Ned, being an excellent scholar, works as the Head of Astronaut Experience and Marketing Promotio for this company. Quite interestingly, Ned himself came up the title of the job that represents him at the company.

It is clearly evident that Ned doesn’t complete rely on his wife for their survival. After marrying Kate Winslet, Ned stays back at home and takes care of the kids and the house. Kate Winslet has stated on several occasions that Ned is a very supportive and kind hearted human being who has been quite instrumental in her professional life.

Ned and Kate were pictured together for the first time in London. Then they were spotted together at San Francisco Airport a month later. It was around that time when he began dating Kate Winslet that he finalized with divorce with his first wife. Amidst all the glamour, the fans also wanted to know how Ned got his bizarre surname.


As stated earlier, Ned Rocknroll works for his uncle’s company ‘Virgin Galactic’. Ned happens to be a very intelligent person and is very supportive towards his wife and uncle both. Since his wife is an international movie star, he is the one who usually stays back at home and looks after the kids .Ned is a very hard working and kind person. His net worth is $25 million.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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