Nathan Morris was born in 1979 in Yorkshire, England. He is a son of a preacher – Peter Morris, so with his parent’s example, he became a very religious person just only fifteen years ago. There is no information about his early childhood, education and bad period of his life, when he has some problems with drugs. He made a confess that he was a drug user, but in the 2002 he changed his life in general. He believed God and becomes a practicing christian. Nathan began his preaching work on the streets of England. He made his appearances in his Father’s church too. During the first several years, a lot of people started to travel from all parts of the Great Britain to experience the tangible presence of God in his services.

In the 2006 Nathan started his new project, which was titled “Shake the Nations”. He began to travel to the different nations. The first Shake the Ntions Gospel Crusades were spent in remote areas all over the Africa and India. He also becomes well known for his work for the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival, which is a spiritual event touring the United States. His work in America begins in Alabama State, in Mobile in the 2010. He also was involved in preaching in the Church of His Presence in Daphne along with Pastor John Kilpatrick.

Since March 2011 Bay Revival has toured several American cities like Youngstown, Ohio State; Detroit, Michigan; Orlando, Florida as well as Phoenix, Arizona. GOD television has covered Nathan Morris and his preaching live from these places. Thanks to the Shake the Nations project, thus far over 350 thousand people have made their decisions for Jesus Christ in person.

Nathan, with his Gospels words, Shake the Nations program and his team witnessed over 100 thousands Muslims and Hindus convert to Christianity. He also undertakes humanitarian work in some Asian countries. In the interview Nathan was characterized as a person, who being a young man, who had serious addictions and had an immoral lifestyle until God changed his and now he appear to a million people with a gospel.

In the last years he spent a lot of his time with a preaching abroad. Nathan is planning to appear in Canada, Singapour, Honduras, Latvia, Colombia, Malaysia, El Salvador and United Kingdom in the near future. Nathan is remarkable that he brings the words of God with unfading expression, he has a close contact with people, interacting with them in all of his sermons.

He is married to his soul mate Rachel Morris. Nathan and Rachel exchanged their vows with each other in the 2011 in the United States. There is no any information about their children. The couple resides in Central Florida. Nathan and his wife travel a lot around the world with their mission There is no information about his salary and net worth. Nathan is active in the social media like Twitter and Facebook, where he posted his quotes for the Shake the Nations campaign.

Last Modified: Nov 8, 2020

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