Her second name looks familiar, right? Yes, she was married to Anthony Bourdain, TV celebrity, world class chef and author. Nany Bourdain’s biography is famous for her marriage with Anthony Bourdain. She went out of limelight after their divorce.

Personal life

Nancy Bourdain or Nancy Putkoski was the high school sweetheart of Anthony. They got married in 1986 after a very long period of dating. They stayed as a couple for little less than 20 years and divorced in 2005. The reason given for the separation was Anthony’s career. His career needed a lot of travel and soon, they fell apart. Her ex-husband once said that Nancy was the love of his life and his only regret was that he did not have any children. The divorce proceedings went smooth and there was no drama involved.

After the divorce, Nancy went completely out of limelight. She never gave any interviews regarding the separation or his marriage with OttaviaBusia within two years from divorce. Nancy was never contacted by any tabloid either. Nancy was not dating anyone or seen with anyone, during the divorce proceedings. It is not known whether or not she is single now. She is not a part of any celebrity relationship as of now.

After the separation, Anthony blamed his book for the separation and started into drug addiction and heroin. Nancy never commented on this either. Anthony went to the level of selling his record collection on the street to raise money to get drugs. After battling drug addiction, he got back to his normal life. During these situation, never did Anthony badmouthed Nancy or gave any other information about his marital life with Nancy. Nancy clearly had a good relationship with Anthony and his second wife. When John Tesar commented about Nancy in front of Ottavia, she defended Nancy. Thus, it is assumed that all three are in good terms.

He once stated that the reason for his lifestyle change was the women he met during Vassar College. He was dropped out of the college after two years and there are no details to how many women he mentioned and whether or not Nancy was aware of those women. He was never known to have had an affair when he was married to Nancy. Thus, this comment came as a shock. Since Nancy and Anthony are mutually and happily separated, there are no comments or rumors on the same. Yet, Nancy is never seen with Anthony after separation.


Nancy came into limelight as TV celebrity Anthony’s wife and went off the radar of media as Anthony’s first wife. Thus, it is assumed that she did not take up a career, when she was married to Anthony. Spousal support settlement details are not known to media and thus, it is not known whether or not Nancy is currently working or living off the spousal support. Anthony claims to be close to Nancy even many years after separation but, he never talks about her, her personal life, career and her current lifestyle in any media. Nancy’s net worth and salary details are not known to media. Nancy is not active in social media. Thus, there is very little chance that we will be learning about her personal life in near future.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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