Morgan Fairchild

Born on February 3rd, 1950 Morgan Fairchild is a famous American actress. Morgan was born as Patsy Ann McClenny and was quite popular during the 1970s and 1980s and has been actively involved as an actress is many popular TV series. She was extremely good look and was popular for the glamorous roles that she did on the small screen and of course as an actress on the big screen. It is therefore only natural that there would be quite a bit of interest if some biography of sorts is written about her. Let us try and explore her life and achievements and identify the reasons for her success.

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Early Life

Morgan Fairchild was born in Dallas and was the daughter of Edward Milton McClenny and Martha Jane. Her mother was an English teacher at Richardson High School. Cathryn Hartt is her younger sister and she is an actress in her own right. She was into acting at a young age and was seen in a show by the name Mr. Peppermint Show with Jerry Haynes. She also was a part of many local commercials on Dallas Fort Worth television stations. As a child, she had scarlet fever, which caused her to go partially deaf.

Personal Life

Morgan Fairchild is extremely good looking even today at the age of sixty seven and therefore it is quite obvious that she should have been fantastic looking in her young days. She got married to Jack Calmes and the marriage lasted from 1967 to 1973. She is now a live-in partner with Mark Seiler and the relationship is that way from 1980 to date. During 1970s there are news which state that Morgan Fairchild was kidnapped twice and kept against her will which certainly is an unusual part of her personal life.

Net Worth

Her net worth is around $10 million which is impressive.


She has been successful in her career both in the small and big screen and has worked in a number of roles and titles. She made her debut in the big screen in 1967 with the movie Bonnie and Clyde where she doubled for Faye Dunaway. Since then Morgan Fairchild has acted in almost around 75 films which is highly impressive to say the least. Her last big screen presence was in 2016 where she did the role of Lulu in the movie Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House.

Morgan Fairchild’s small screen presence has also been enviable and ever since she made debut in 1973 she has acted in a number of episodes and series. She must have acted in close to 60 series and the last one was in 2017 in the title Days of Our lives.

16 Jan, 2018